12th International Congress on Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy (ISCP 2003 BARCELONA)


Location: 08004 BARCELONA, Spain

Event Date/Time: Oct 10, 2002
Abstract Submission Date: Jan 30, 2003
Paper Submission Date: Jan 30, 2003
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The congress will be dedicated to "New Approaches for Cardiovascular Therapies in the 21st Century" and will bring together 2000 scientists and health care professionals from the five continents.

The scientific program will present recent advances in treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease for practitioners, researchers, nurses and other allied health professionals interested in cardiovacular medicine.

The meeting will allow the exchange of new research information by researchers in the cardiovascular field. Review of current thinking and directions in treatment of cardiovascular disease will be provided through state of the art lectures. There will be the possibility to interact with experts in cardiovascular care and research that will enhance the opportunities for improved practice, prevention, teaching and research.

With the progress toward completion of the human genome, the new opportunities arising from the fantastic acceleration in our acquisition of new knowledge will be emphasized. Discussion of therapies that may be available both in the long and short term will make practitioners and researchers aware of future developments in cardiovascular medicine.

The congress will include main lectures, debates, vertical symposia, transverse symposia, minicourses and satellite symposia.


Plenary Sessions:

1.Integration of vascular biology & imaging in a new understanding of atherothrombosis

2.Acute coronary syndrome: the role of antipletelet agents

3.Hypertrophy of the myocardium is a risk factor in heart disease not an adaptive mechanism

Main Lectures:

1.Extracellular matrix as a target in cardiovascular pathology

2.New strategies in the management of heart failure

3.New target for antiarrhythmic drug development

4.Challenging the paradigm for treatment of hypertension: lessons from recent trials


1.Silent ischemia:from concepts to therapeutics

2.When and how to treat arterial hypertension for reducing cardiovascular risk
Risk reduction in hypertensive patients: lessons from recent trials

3.When is the time for non-pharmacological treatment in heart failure patients ?

4.Role of cardiac drugs to prevent recurrences of atrial fibrillation

5.Ischemic heart disease: medical versus interventional revascularization in patients with stable angina

6.Expanding the impact of statin therapy: would patients benefit from broader treatment and access?

Transversal Symposia:

1.Role of infection, inflammation and immunity in cardiovascular diseases

2.New advances in thrombosis prevention: drugs, trials and expectations

3.Gene therapy in cardiovascular diseases: future prospect

4.Diastolic dysfunction is still a challenge

5.Endothelial dysfunction in cardiovascular diseases

6.Knowledge management challenges in cardiovascular pharmacotherapy – from basic research to clinical practice

Meet the Experts Lunches:

1.Global Burden of cardiovascular Diseases in the world

2.The future of clinical trials

3.Detection and evaluation of unwanted pharmacological actions in clinical drug trials

Vertical Symposia:

1.New antihypertensive agents: beyond blood pressure control

2.Chest pain: evaluation and therapy

3.Defining new targets in the control of lipid disorders

4.New advances in antiarrhythmic drug therapy

5.Managing ischemic heart disease: old and new therapeutic approaches

6.New drugs in the treatment of congestive heart failure


1.Therapeutic options in patients with diabetes mellitus

2.Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in women

3.Cell transplantation and local drug delivery systems: Future for cardiovascular therapy

4.Future trends in cardiovascular therapy

5.Management of cerebrovascular diseases and stroke

6.Clinical trials

Young Investigator Award

Categories for abstracts:

1 Coronary heart disease
2 Thrombosis
3 Atherosclerosis
4 Heart Failure
5 Cardiomyopathy and pericardial disease
6 Arrhythmias
7 Dyslipidemia
8 Hypertension
9 Obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome
10 Peripheral vascular disease

11 Clinical Genetics
12 Ischemic preconditioning
13 Ischemia
14 Reperfusion
15 Myocardial function
16 Muscle contraction/energy metabolism
17 Atherosclerosis
18 Lipid metabolism
19 Coagulation/thrombosis
20 Electrophysiology
21 Vascular biology
22 Hypertension
23 Cell growth/apoptosis
24 Inflammation
25 Genetics


January 30, 2003 Deadline for receipt abstract submissions
February 1, 2003 Deadline for standard registration fee
March 15, 2003 Notification of accepted abstracts
May 7-10, 2003 12th International Congress on Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy


Additional Information

BOARD OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF CARDIOVASCULAR PHARMACOTHERAPY President: B.N.C. Prichard, UK Immediate Past President: A. Battler, Israel Vice – President: W.J. Louis, Australia Chairman, Nominating Committee: J.N. Cohn, USA Scientific Secretary: W. Klein, Austria EXECUTIVE BOARD J. Abrams, USA A. Bayés de Luna, Spain F. Follath, Switzerland H. Just, Germany D. T. Kelly, Australia M. Mancini, Italy M. F. Maranhao, Brazil L. Opie, South Africa R. Paoletti, Italy J. G. Papp, Hungary W. J. Remme, Netherlands A. J. Reyes, Uruguay S. Sasayama, Japan E. Schiffrin, Canada R. B. Singh, USA ORGANIZING COMMITTEE President: Antoni Bayés de Luna, MD, PhD Vice-President: Juan Cinca, MD, PhD Scientific Committee Chairmen: juan Tamargo, MD, PhD & Philippe Léchat, MD, PhD INVITED FACULTY J. Abrams, USA J.P. Bassand, France A. Battler, Israel A. Bayés de Luna, Spain A. Bayés-Genis, Spain G. Breithard, Germany D. Brutsaert, Belgium J. Camm, U.K. R. Carmena, Spain Cepucci, Italy J. Cinca, Spain A. Coca, Spain R. Cohen J.N. Cohn, USA J M. Cruz-Fernández, Spain J.C. Daubert, France E. de Teresa, Spain J. Díez, Spain K. Donahue J. Escudero, Spain F. Fernandez Aviles, Spain F. Flooth, Switzerland K. Fox, U.K. A. Fruchart, France V. Fuster, USA X. García-Moll, Spain J. Guindo, Spain G. Hasanfuss, R. Jones, USA H. Just, Germany J.C. Kaski, U.K. D.T. Kelly, Australia B.A. Kirwan, Switzerland W. Klein, Austria S. Laurent, P. Léchat, France J.L. López-Sendon, Spain W.J. Louis, Australia J. Lubsen, Switzerland T. Lüscher, Switzerland G. Mancia, Italy M. Mancini, Italy M. Maranhao, Brazil E. Marban, USA J. Marrugat, Spain B. Nadal, Spain S. Nattel, Canada L. Opie, South Africa J. Ordoñez, Spain R. Paoletti, Italy J.G. Papp, Hungary W.J. Paulus, M. Petrie, S. Pocock, U.K. P. Poole-Wilson, U.K. R. Prichard, U.K. J. Prous, Spain N. Rehnqvist, Sweden W.J. Remme, Netherlands J. Reyes, Uruguay J. L. Rodicio, Spain L. M. Ruilope, Spain M. Santaló, Spain S. Sans, Spain G. Sanz, Spain S. Sasayama, Japan E. Schiffrin, Canada P. Serruys, Netherlands R. B. Singh, USA J. Soler, Spain S. Stern, Israel S. Taddei, J. Tamargo, Spain A. Tedgi K. Thygesen, Denmark P. M. Vanhoutte, France M. Wehling, Germany