Minerals of the Ocean - Integrated Strategies (MO-2004)

Venue: VNIIOkeangeologia

Location: St.Petersburg, Russia

Event Date/Time: Apr 25, 2004 End Date/Time: Apr 30, 2004
Registration Date: May 01, 2003
Early Registration Date: Dec 01, 2002
Abstract Submission Date: Feb 01, 2003
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International Conference


25-30 April,2004

During past decades, marine investigations have elaborated a vast number of theoretical and practical approaches in prospecting of mineral resources, such as massive sulfides, ferromanganese crusts and nodules, phosphorites and gas hydrates. New results using well-known methods, new ideas and strategies, and previously unsolvable problems will be the main themes of the Conference, where the international community of marine scientists and economic and engineering geologists are welcome to discuss the most cogent questions posed by the unique occurrences of marine mineral deposits.

Massive sulfides

- geochemical indicators of hydrothermal plumes
- petrochemical characteristics of rocks that host massive sulfide
- geochemistry of sediments as indicators of sulfide mineralization
- geochemistry of rock-forming minerals and mineral associations
- isotopic indicators of ore potential
- radioactive elements indicators of hydrothermal manifestations
- mineral genesis as a key for minerals distribution
- traditional seismic methods
- global 3D-seismic analysis
- gravimetric methods
- plume structural analysis
- thermal anomalies indicators
- geomagnetic approaches
- geomorphology methods and approaches
- fault-fracture analysis
- GIS analysis and selection criteria of potential areas

Ferromanganese Oxide and phosphorite ores
- geodynamical (tectonic) analysis of ocean floor
- morphostructural analysis of seamount surfaces
- geochemical exploration
- submersible drilling
- age of host rocks and deposits
-quantification of deposit types, grade, and tonnage
-physical and chemical properties of the water column
-mechanisms of incorporation of metals
-conceptual methods of exploration
-macro – and microrhythms – evidence of paleoenvironment
Gas hydrates
- gas-hydrochemical methods
- seismic methods
- side-scan sonar prospecting
- appraisal of size based on a integrated methods
- methods of recovery
- economic evaluation of deposit


Chairman: I.S.Gramberg (VNIIOkeangeologia, Russia)
Sergei Andreev (VNIIOkeangeologia, RUSSIA)
Wu Bihao (Geological Survey, P.R.CHINA)
George Cherkashev (VNIIOkeangeologia)
David Cronan (Imperial College, UK)
James Hein (Geological Survey, USA)
Anthony Jones (IMMA, USA)
Peter Rona (Rutgers University, USA)
Valery Soloviev (VNIIOkeangeologia, RUSSIA)
Mikhail Torokhov (VNIIOkeangeologia, RUSSIA)
Akira Usui (Geological Survey, JAPAN)
John Wiltshire (Hawaiian University, USA)


Angliysky Ave.,1

Additional Information

REGISTRATION FEE: USD 200. Students-USD 50. Accompanying persons - USD 100 Registration fee includes abstract volume, local transportation, participation in icebreaker and banquet, coffee breaks. A limited amount of sponsorship for student participation may be available. METHOD OF PAYMENT Registration fees be paid at the Registration Desk upon arrival. CULTURAL PROGRAM - Optional tours to: I - Hermitage, Russian Museum; II - Petrodvorets - city of fountains and summer residence of Russian Tzars. III – Pavlosk – Summer residence of Paul I IV – Excursion around Neva River by ship V – Kronstadt- city – fortress in Gulf of Finland VI – Souvenir markets and shopping sites VII – Evening St.Petersburg with visit to bar VIII – Stroganovsky Palace (19th Century architectural ensemble) IX – Menshikovsky Palace (18th Century architectural ensemble) A special cultural program may be organized for accompanying persons. FIELD EXCURSION - Lower Cambrian - Lower Ordovician sedimentary cover of Baltic Shield, training area of St.Petersburg University:palaeomarine environment, gas-venting structures etc. ACCOMMODATION Will be in a comfortable hotels about five minutes walk from Conference site. The price for the hotel incl. breakfast ca.: Double 15-40 ; Single – 25 - 60 USD PRESENTATIONS: - oral (15 min.) - posters - exhibits/ demonstrations CALL FOR PAPERS The length of the abstract must not exceed three A4 pages (including tables, figures and references). All the abstracts will be collected in a volume which will be distributed to all registered participants before Conference beginning. CD-ROM copies will be available for separate fee. Send the original (camera-ready) before 1 February. The abstract should be typed in a box of 16 X 24 cm. Abstract should be written in English and typed according the following guidelines: - font: Times; left margin - 2cm, right - 3 cm, upper - 2 cm, lower - 3 cm - title: bold, 12 pt, Capital letters only for title , in centre; - addresses : 10 pt, institution, affiliation, address, postal code and town, e-mail, in the centre - text block: single spaced, justified, 10 pt, indent each paragraph 0,5 cm. - distance between title and authors names - 1 line, between authors names and addresses - 1 line, between addresses and text - 2 lines - mark numbers of pages by pencil, if necessary - figures should be sent separately in JPG or JPEG format EXAMPLE PROSPECTING CRITERIA OF MARINE AND OTHER DEPOSITS Peter Burg - 1, Petro Grad - 2 1- Geodream, Central Idleness Academy, Joke str., 1, Humorville, 1000000, Hahallandia, e - mail: pb@nn.ss.ha 2- Geocrushlab, Ministry of Unknown Affairs, Sad str.,2, Stonegrad, 20000, Nuilandia, e-mail: pg@sk.uk.nu If to assume that we are children of Nature – look inside – prospecting criteria are within us [1,2]. REFERENCES (not more than 10) 1. P.Burg. My lost years in geology. Psychology in geology, 2001,vol.1, part V, pp. 1-20 (in Tagalog). 2. Inscriptions on wall of Tutankhamon tomb (in ancient Egyptian). IMMIGRATION AND VISA REQUIREMENTS In order to obtain a visa for entry into Russia you will need an "Official Invitation" to the conference, Invitations will be sent to everyone (including accompanying persons) who will submit the Registration Form, all the necessary details will be asked for on this form. You will then be able to apply for visa to your nearest Russian embassy/consulate. ST.PETERSBURG was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great to provide Russia with close connections to Western Europe. During two centuries of life as Russia's capital, a wide variety of treasures, both cultural and historical, accumulated. Since 1922 St.Petersburg has been Russia's second city. The attractions of St.Petersburg include numerous parks, architectural monuments and art treasures. ARRIVAL IN ST.PETERSBURG is possible by airplane (to airport "Pulkovo-2"), by train, by ship, and by bus. Participants will be met upon arrival provided that we have details of your arrival time and place. Registration Place : “VNIIOkeangeologia” Anglyisky Prosp.,1 190121, St.Petersburg Russia Hotel reservation will be made by the Organizing Committee, according to your request. MAIN DATES & DEADLINES: Ü Registration Form before 1 May, 2003 Ü Abstracts - 1 February, 2004 Þ Distribution of the Programme with the list of participants and Invitations – after 1 March,2004 REGISTRATION FORM (please, return before 1 May,2003) 1.PLEASE NOTE,THAT OFFICIAL INVITATION IS BASED ON DATA LISTED BELOW 2.PLEASE SEND A COPY OF FIRST PASSPORT PAGE BY E-MAIL (JPG,JPEG), MAIL OR FAX NAME___________________ FIRST NAMES (as in passport)________ SEX F or M ORGANIZATION___________________________ POSITION_______________________________________________ ADDRESS: STREET___________________ CITY______________COUNTRY_____________ POSTCODE___________ PASSPORT NUMBER________________________EXPIRY DATE______________________________________________ CITIZENSHIP_______________________________________ PHONE_______________FAX_________________E-MAIL___________________________ STATUS: PARTICIPANT ( ) ACCOMPANYING PERSON ( ) TITLE OF ABSTRACT_________________________________________________________________ ACCOMODATION: - DOUBLE - SINGLE PARTICIPATION IN CONFERENCE: ( ) DEFINITE ( ) PROBABLE REPORT: ( ) ORAL ( ) POSTER PLEASE, SPECIFY IF YOU NEED SPECIAL VIDEO AND COMPUTER EQUIPMENT FOR YOUR PRESENTATION_________________________________________________________________ Coordinator and Contact Person Dr. Mikhail P. Torokhov VNIIOkeangeologia, Angliyski Ave.,1, St.Petersburg, 190121,RUSSIA Fax: (812)1141470; e-mail: geotour@mail.ru working phone: 007-8121145428 mobile phone: 89217554925 (GSM)