MAKS airshow, International Aviation & Space Salon, Russia (MAKS)

Venue: Airfield of Flight Research Institute named after Gromov

Location: Zhukovsky, Moscow region, Russia

Event Date/Time: Aug 19, 2003 End Date/Time: Aug 24, 2003
Registration Date: Mar 01, 2003
Early Registration Date: Aug 01, 2002
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MAKS is an international hi-tech marketing center. Here one can gauge reliably the status and trends of a field of science, production and operation, obtain relevant information right from the horse's mouth, rub shoulders with business and industrial decision-makers and conduct negotiations or an effective advertisement campaign.
MAKS is a large-scale dedicated exhibition that represents the products of the aerospace and defence industries to their fullest. What attracts people to MAKS is a wide spectrum of research and development results, advanced technologies, up-to-date materials, sophisticated aircraft and spacecraft research, MAKS is a major world air show with unlimited opportunities to showcase aerospace hardware and military materiel. The airfield and flying zone ensure maximum safety and effectiveness of demonstration flights during the MAKS air show.
design and testing techniques.MAKS is rich with scientific events. The show has always boasted a high level of symposia and conferences held under the auspices of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI), a world-famous Russian research center, with LII, TsIAM, VIAM, GosNIIAS and NIAT participating. As far as the quality of organization, representation and contents of the above events is concerned, MAKS is a leader amongst major international air shows.
MAKS is an unforgettable atmosphere of the festival. This feature of the show has been mentioned by everyone who happened to attend MAKS at least once. No wonder that the number of visitors has been growing steadily. The year 2001 saw it exceeding 600,000. In terms of attendance MAKS has one-upped the leading international aerospace shows.

According to the overwhelming majority of foreign visitors and participants, the special atmosphere at the MAKS is a hearty expression of Russian hospitality and cordiality. Russia is an enormous market, Russia boasts an impressive scientific and economic potential, Russia has reliable partners and perspective commercial
hi-tech projects to pursue.


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