365 Days Online International Aviation & Space Exhibition WWW.MAKS.RU (WWW.MAKS.RU)

Venue: Zhukovsky

Location: Zhukovsky, Russia

Event Date/Time: Aug 01, 2002
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1. General regulations

1.1. Name. www.MAKS.ru - the name of the official Internet site. “365 days On-line International Aviation & Space Exhibition” within "The International Aviation & Space Salon MAKS" held in Zhukovsky, Russia in the third decade of august in odd years – the name reflecting the main content.

1.2. Exhibitors. The exposition is formed of the participants’ offers of market of the international aerospace exhibitions.

1.3. Visitors. Visitors of the exhibition are manufacturers and consumers of the scientific, technical and commodity products of companies in aerospace branch and for it. Also for journalists specializing in aerospace subjects.

1.4. Exposition. Expositions contain the important information about the exhibitor and its profitable products that makes on participants and organizers of the exhibition support for their expositions and inquiries to them in real time.

1.5. Representation language of the information. The exhibition is bilingual: The English and Russian languages of representation of the information, that is all the services given to exhibitors and visitors, are presented in two languages. Thus exhibitors may represent the information on others languages.

1.6. Volume and benefit of exhibits. Organizers plan to support great profit of offered products and services restricting the quantity of participants in each thematic directions. The releasing expo-places are replaced competitively. Thematic directions are formed according the exhibition traditions of the branch . It doesn’t exclude support in the base mode of offers of the products and services.

2. Basic services offered to exhibitors and visitors

2.1. Formation and maintenance in an actual state of the information concerning each exhibitor and his profitable offers in the given Internet On-line exhibition.

2.2. Automatic service organization of inquiries and offerings of visitors to the exhibitors, including at the request of exhibitors exception of receipt of undesirable references and confidentiality of inquiries.

2.3. Creation, maintenance and distribution of expocentre of an exhibitor focused on the individual exhibition program within the available world electronic platforms on progress of the products and services.

2.4. Inclusion into the contents of the production, served in accordance with wishes and offerings of the visitors, that makes all the expocentre, not only at the presently exhibited at the on-line exhibition.

2.5. Expocentre registration on a whole, each exhibitor and a unit of production in leading search engines.

2.6. Presentation of individual and general statistics of inquiries and offers of visitors to exhibitors on the one hand and statistics of offers of exhibitors to visitors on the other hand.

2.7. Organization of meetings between representatives of visitors and exhibitors at MAKS.

Cost of participation in On-line exhibitionThere may be three ways of company’s representation up to October 1, 2003.

- Company’s “Business card” - $300
- Brief information and lists of products (till 5 units) - $600
- Brief information and lists of products (till 10 units) - $1200

The offer is valid up to December 31, 2002.


Additional Information

Air carriers and Airports Military aircraft, Weapons and Defense systems Civil and Transport aviation Business, Light and Special aviation Airplane and Rocket engines Avionics and Equipment Communication, Navigation and Flight control systems Materials, Technologies & Oil products Maintenance, Repair ant Overhaul Training, Education and Simulators Information, Commerce and Exhibitions Rocket systems, Spacecraft and Satellite technologies