Vermont College Fall Photography Workshop (FPW2003)

Venue: Vermont College Campus

Location: Montpelier, Vermont, United States

Event Date/Time: Dec 13, 2002
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Come learn and create in Vermont during the state's most picturesque season! Join a diverse group of instructors and presenters for four rich days of experiential creative photography on the beautiful Vermont College Campus. Open to Photographers of all levels and interests, this conference will immerse the participant in the medium of photography through hands-on workshops and dialogue. Daily workshops, group meals, opportunities to speak with experienced instructors and photographers, plus evening workshops and presentations will highlight this event.


The Fine Art Portrait in the Landscape: B&W and Polaroid Transfer Exploration
Workshop leader: Annie Van Avery
Using the picturesque Vermont landscape, participants in this workshop will have the opportunity to combine two fine art subjects: portraiture and the environment. Annie Van Avery will show participants how to move out of the "studio lighting box" and into the environment to achieve stunning results with only a camera and reflector. A combination of black-and-white print film and color slides for Polaroid transfers will be used on field shoots with models. For more information on Polariod transfers, see or see work on the instructor's website. You may never go back inside!

Teaching, Communicating and Learning the Art of Seeing
Workshop leader: Carley Stevens-McLaughlin
This workshop serves a dual purpose, for educators seeking to learn more about teaching photography as a medium for self-expression and vision, and for those who would like to learn these techniques for themselves. Carley Stevens-McLaughlin offers an intuitive and constructive look at her mantra, anyone can be a photographer. She has a way of teaching the medium without creating any technical intimidation, stemming from her passion for photography as a social outreach tool, a means to self-confidence and an exploration of how one sees the world. Carley will also share her recent publication (see under Instructors and Presenters) and discuss her experiences as an educator and youth advocate.

The Brilliant Color Landscape
Workshop leader: Craig Line
This workshop is for photographers who want to develop a stronger sense of color, composition, exposure and technique in shooting color landscapes and nature photography. Craig Line and participants will discuss cameras, lenses and other equipment as well as films, light and exposure and aesthetic elements: compositional components, color, and capturing mood and emotion in the landscape. Craig will also show some of his own work to illustrate methods for group discussions.

Fine Art with the Plastic Camera
Workshop leader: Debra Sugarman
Throwing technical control out the window, Debra Sugarman will lead participants through the freeing process of picture taking with the Holga medium-format plastic camera. With its quirks, lens distortions, one-choice shutter speed, and primitive focusing capabilities, the plastic camera allows the photographer to focus on the artistic, creative side of photographing. This is a wonderful workshop for those professionals who want a break from the technical aspects of their medium, or for beginning photographers looking to explore the options. Debra makes picture taking a personal and original experience which you will be able to take home with you, along with your new Holga camera.

Creative Imaging: Using Digital Tools to Enhance Your Artistic Vision Introduction to Adobe Photoshop and Digital Photography
Workshop leader: Jeb Wallace-Brodeur
Get the most from your photos from scanning and digital camera work to advanced digital darkroom techniques.


Additional Information

Fall Photography Workshop Application Information Tuition: $550 Includes two daily workshops--one morning, one afternoon-- for 4 days, plus admission to all evening presentations. $350 includes one daily workshop for 4-days, plus admission to all evening presentations. Accommodations and Meals: $200 includes double-occupancy dorm accommodations and meals (breakfast Sat. to dinner Tues.). $280 includes single dorm room and meals. Materials Fees depending on workshop Darkroom Access Pass: $130. Available to individuals with advanced darkroom experience, this pass allows you to work in an off-campus black and white darkroom facility. Chemistry and equipment (no film or paper) provided from 7pm to 11pm Saturday-Tuesday. A materials and processing fee will still apply for all workshops with the exception of the Holga workshop, in which your processing fee will be waved if all processing and printing is done during darkroom access times. Transportation is not provided; the facility is approximately 7 miles from campus. $-25 Discount for early registration: due no later than July 31, 2003. Send Registration and $150 deposit to: Conference Services, Vermont College, 36 College Street Montpelier, VT 05602 For more information, please call (802) 828-8764 or send us an e-mail.