Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center

Location: Santa Clara, California, United States

Event Date/Time: Mar 17, 2003 End Date/Time: Mar 21, 2003
Registration Date: Mar 17, 2003
Abstract Submission Date: Feb 07, 2003
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Conference Mission:
Provide access to the best pharmaceutical research and development thought leaders in the world
Gather the most innovative companies in one exhibit hall to provide products and services that deliver solutions
Accelerate the drug discovery and development process
Provide end user perspective and case studies that will reap transformational results
Be the world forum where genomics, chemistry, IT and business leaders meet to transform the future Molecular Medicine

Converting Disease Biology into Tractable Targets
March 17-19, 2003 - View last years brochure

Genomics has had a marked impact on the number of therapeutic targets that have been identified. However, target identification has not resulted in more molecules advancing through the pharmaceutical pipeline. In fact, it has resulted in a glut of new targets that are not well understood or characterized and no recognizable advance of new pharmaceutical lead compounds. This trend can be reversed by integrating the genomic and chemistry space, in order to facilitate the interaction of these departments, start a dialog, and increase understanding of what makes a tractable genomic target. This track will cover methods to alleviate the bottleneck and improve success rates of new compounds being developed.

Outpacing Competition through Smarter R&D and Strategic Partnering
March 17-19, 2003 - View last years brochure

Building on the five-year success of the Genomic Partnering conference, the Business and Partnering Strategies for Drug Development track features pharma/biotech business development executives who offer in-depth analysis on forming, maintaining, and deriving value from partnerships. The track also highlights the strategies for R&D optimization, knowledge management, and intellectual property management. It concludes with three days of 45+ start-up company presentations, researched and pre-screened by experienced CHI staff to highlight the newest and most-promising technologies. Frequent networking sessions allow attendees to meet with speakers in a more private setting, providing the conference with a solid track record of sparking successful partnerships
Rethinking Target to Lead Strategies in the Pharmaceutical Industry
March 17-20, 2003

Corporate Track Sponsor:

The increasingly large number of new drug targets to explore utilization of target structure in guiding screening efforts, and exciting developments in the synthesis of small molecules has forced and facilitated the integration of biology and chemistry in drug discovery. This conference will showcase examples of how structure-based design and informatics-driven chemistry can improve the success rate of empirical screening while approaches such as dynamic combinatorial chemistry and natural product synthesis present alternative routes to design of a diverse, yet focused library. Examples of applying combichem techniques in medicinal chemistry will be presented for the first time.

Implementations, Applications and Results
March 17-20, 2003

As drug companies and research institutions invest in information technologies and applications to manage and analyze immense data sets generated in drug discovery and development, questions arise about how best to leverage these investments to increase the quality of knowledge assets derived from these data. What computational technologies are being used successfully to turn data into actionable knowledge assets? What competitive advantages accrue to organizations that can make better drug development decisions based upon their information assets? This conference will bring together life scientists, computational scientists, system architects, database designers, data architects, and hardware engineers to address how distributed information technologies and analysis strategies like grids and clusters, data mining, simulation modeling, and visualization can improve research and development processes.


5001 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara
United States

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CHI brings you the thought leaders from industry and academia to deliver Keynote presentations that address the convergence of genomics, chemistry, and knowledge management.