2nd International FESTEM Symposium on Trace Elements and Minerals in Medicine and Biology (2. FESTEM)

Venue: GSF National Research Center for Environment and Health

Location: Neuherberg - Munich, Germany, Germany

Event Date/Time: May 13, 2004 End Date/Time: May 15, 2004
Registration Date: Mar 01, 2004
Early Registration Date: Mar 01, 2004
Abstract Submission Date: Jan 15, 2004
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The determination of trace elements has gained outstanding importance in the life sciences. Elements present even at minimal concentrations in biological and environmental matrices, in fact, can exert fundamental influence on vital functions proportionally to their amounts. It is also worth stressing, in this context that new trace elements are being added to the list of those that are known or suspected to be essential.

In 2001 the first International FESTEM symposium on Trace Elements and Minerals had been organized by the Italian Trace Element Society (A.I.S.E.T.O.V.) in Venice. Now this conference series will be continued for the second time in Munich, together as a tandem with the Third International Conference on Trace Element Speciation in Biomedical, Nutritional and Environmental Sciences.
The 2nd FESTEM Symposium will provide a forum for exchange and discussion of information on the various scientific aspects of trace elements and minerals research. The Scientific Committee extends an invitation to all scientists involved and/or interested in Trace Element and Mineral Analysis in Biology and Medicine. A major goal of the Conference is to facilitate discussions about all aspects of this field, including biological and clinical applications, matters such as molecular biology, diagnosis and recommended intakes, human and animal nutrition, supplementation and epidemiology.

The Conference Programme will comprise three days of oral presentation, posters and extended time for discussion. Oral presentation (invited or submitted) will be 30 or 15 minutes in duration including the specific discussion.
Preliminary Programme: TOPICS
A. Analysis/Diagnosis
- Advances in trace element status determination
- Modern approaches of trace element analysis
- Multielement analysis, automation
- New biomarkers
- Quality control and assurance

B. Molecular biology: mechanisms and implications
- Intracellular signalling
- Membrane properties and intracellular transport processes
- Metallothioneins
- Micronutrient interactions
- Minerals/nutrient interactions
- Selenium/iodine interactions
- Selenoproteins
- Structural changes of biomolecules during pathological processes
- Trace elements and biological molecules: mutual influences
- Zinc fingers proteins

C. Physiological processes/healthy humans
- Angiogenesis
- Apoptosis
- Childrens and adolescents: growth, development
- Cognitive functions
- Elderly and the aging process
- Immune defence
- Metabolic processes
- Physical activity, sport medicine
- Pregnancy and lactation
- Redox balance/oxygen metabolism
- Reproduction

D. Pathological processes/human diseases
- Bone diseases
- Cancer
- Cardiovascular diseases
- Diabetes
- Genetic disorders (Wilson’s disease, hemochromatosis, Menkes disease, etc.)
- Infections
- Infectivity and host immunity
- Macular degeneration
- Neurological and neurodegenerative disorders
- Oxidative stress

E. Epidemiology/Prevention/Intervention
- Epidemiology in relation to disease states
- European and international programs for health promotion
- Intervention trials
- Treatment of diseases

F. Nutrition
- Artificial (enteral and parenteral) nutrition and formulas
- Bioavailability
- Dietary recommendations
- Dietary supplements
- Functional foods

G. Environment/Toxicology
- Biomaterials: toxicological aspects and biological monitoring
- Dental alloys
- Environment
- Genotoxicity
- Heavy metals pollution
- Resistance to chemotherapy
- Toxicity of trace elements and minerals

H. Agriculture and animal sciences
- Deficiency diseases in animals
- Soil and culture fertilization
- Supplementation
- The soil-food chain


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€ 270,-- before March 1st, 2004, later € 330,- combi-ticket with the 3rd Speciation Conference: € 520,-