Value-Based Marketing of High Tech Products and Services (High Tech April)

Venue: University of Dallas Plano Campus

Location: Plano, Texas, United States

Event Date/Time: Apr 10, 2003 End Date/Time: Apr 11, 2003
Registration Date: Apr 08, 2003
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Your success in today's rapidly changing and increasingly competitive markets requires not only the flawless execution of basic marketing activities, but critical modifications to standard marketing strategy due to the volatility in these markets. Although many high-tech companies have an excellent reputation for innovation and product attribute superiority, this product orientation is no longer sufficient to keep pace with the continually evolving expectations of customers. While being technologically driven is essential, it is the customers' perceptions of superior value that ultimately lead to success in the marketing of high tech products and services.

This dynamic two-day seminar provides those responsible for the creation and marketing of high tech products with the perspective and tools necessary to successfully manage the challenges and opportunities of today's turbulent marketplace. Participants will gain or improve their ability to use state-of-the-art marketing tools and techniques to link the needs of the customer with the drive for superior technology.

You should attend this seminar...

...if you are in any way involved in the creation, marketing, or sales of high-tech products and services in B2B or B2C markets.

Learn to:

Identify and apply key success factors in the marketing of high-tech products and services

Create and keep customers for your high-tech products and services

Select and develop the most effective strategies for achieving your high-tech marketing objectives

Implement and manage high-tech marketing strategies that deliver customer value and win in the marketplace
Seminar Outline
Day 1: 8:30 A.M.— 4:30 P.M.

Understanding the High-Tech Marketing Environment
· Defining the high tech product from the marketers’ and the customers’ perspectives

· Identifying the key success factors in the marketing of high tech products

· Differentiating between critical marketing concepts and practices in traditional and high tech markets

· Developing the four essential elements of successful high tech marketing programs

Building & Keeping Customers for High-Tech Products & Services
· Analyzing how consumers’ perceptions influence their high tech product purchase decisions

· Forming market growth strategies based on the Technology Adoption Life Cycle

· Segmenting, targeting, and positioning the high tech market strategically

· Selecting the appropriate marketing research and competitive intelligence tools for high tech marketing

· Evaluating alternative quantitative and qualitative forecasting approaches for market potential

Day 2: 8:30 A.M.— 4:30 P.M.

Managing High-Tech Product / Service Marketing Programs
· Developing effective high tech product / service management strategies

· Designing and managing high tech product distribution channels that are right for your organization

· Reviewing how “customer-oriented pricing” works and its importance in high tech product & service pricing strategy

· Linking advertising and promotion strategies to branding strategies for high tech products and services

Creating & Maintaining Winning High-Tech Marketing Strategies
· Implementing high tech marketing strategies that deliver customer value and surpass the competition

· Focusing on customers to achieve sustainable competitive advantage in high tech product markets

· Assessing market orientation to generate customer focus improvement goals and strategies

· Establishing strategic marketing planning processes for high tech markets to achieve new levels of growth and profitability


2301 Ohio Drive
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Additional Information

See for registration details. Or call the University of Dallas College of Business Center for Professional Development at 972-721-5299.