Eurescom Workshop: XML Web Services for the telecom market

Venue: Eurescom Conference Centre

Location: 69118 Heidelberg, Germany

Event Date/Time: Jun 24, 2003 End Date/Time: Jun 25, 2003
Early Registration Date: May 09, 2003
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The objective of the Eurescom workshop XML Web Services for the telecom market is to highlight the potential of XML Web Services for telecommunications, and to show exemplary applications implemented in experiments and trials.

“Web Services” is currently one of the hottest issues in the software industry. This is not surprising, since Web Services have the potential to repeat the success of the Internet. In the world of Web Services, one software application can dynamically discover a number of others over the Internet, and by using their compound functionality a new service can be created.

Web Services have also a great potential for telcos. Across the world, network operators and service providers are looking for new content-based and application-based multi-media services as a way to boost revenues. Telcos will need to partner with content providers and application providers in order to deliver new services to users. These partnerships will lead to extended value chains, with a number of players involved. Web Services is an exciting technology that can be used to realise and automatise these interactions.

The objective of introducing Web Services is to develop new business opportunities, and to make future service developments less expensive and more effective. This workshop is the first presentation of the promising business opportunities that Web Services technologies offer telcos.


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