Eurescom Summit 2003: Evolution of Broadband Services

Venue: Heidelberg

Location: Heidelberg, Germany

Event Date/Time: Sep 29, 2003 End Date/Time: Oct 01, 2003
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Scope of the conference

The continuing evolution of telecommunications services and technologies, including broadband, mobility and pervasiveness has reached levels where users and customers are often confronted with technology instead of service aspects. They often feel overwhelmed by confusing functionality, different handling modes, and user interfaces and device layouts that are difficult to understand and to use. There is an increasing risk that the potential of new communication services and technologies cannot be fully exploited and users may not enjoy the full benefits of the new technologies. As a result, expected market shares and business success may not be achieved.

This third "Eurescom Summit 2003" on the "Evolution of Broadband Services" aims at capturing a snapshot of ongoing activities in these areas, providing value to executives, business professionals and technical experts of network operators, service providers, equipment manufacturers, content providers as well as to the research community. It aims at looking into technical issues of advanced services and technologies, showing how the advances in service creation technologies can support the creation of user- friendly services. It will consider usability and user acceptance of advanced services and devices, as well as looking at their business relevance.

An objective of the conference is to explore business challenges, threats and opportunities for the next generation of applications, services and communication technologies, by covering the whole value chain. Furthermore it aims to identify new ways to bridge the gap between a purely technology-driven and a more user-focused service evolution.

The conference will provide a platform for the discussion of innovative and marketable solutions, strategies for the promotion of new communication technologies and applications, as well as open issues for further research. It will cover the following list of issues both from a user's perspective, as well as from a technology and a business point of view:

*Applications & services including mobility
*Business aspects, opportunities and threats
*User aspects and customer relations
*User requirements
*Identifying the market pull
*Technology trends including:
*Service platforms
*Service platform related systems & architectures
*Device evolution
*Content related aspects

The programme is complemented by keynote presentations, panel discussions, tutorials, exhibitions, demonstrations and technical visits.

Target Audience

Experts, researchers, executives, business and product planners, strategists, service developers from Telecom operators and IT vendors, content providers, manufacturers of IT/ telecom software/ hardware, application service providers, telecom service providers and consultant companies.

Exhibition - experts meet experts

The conference will also host an exhibition presenting available and emerging products, devices and tools demonstrating recent advances in communication services and enabling technologies, Please send requests for exhibition space to