Developing Customer-Focused Strategy (Customer2003)

Venue: University of Dallas Plano Campus

Location: Plano, Texas, United States

Event Date/Time: Jun 13, 2003 End Date/Time: Jun 13, 2003
Registration Date: Jun 09, 2003
Early Registration Date: Jun 06, 2003
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Managers and key decision makers are charged with achieving ever-greater customer-retention and loyalty levels. This seminar details how companies effectively roll out customer-focused initiatives throughout their organizations. It highlights the step-by-step processes and key milestones companies use to transform a corporate culture from product-focused to customer-focused, allowing leading companies to attract, nurture, and retain highly profitable customer relationships.

The principles and practices outlined in this seminar will enable participants to transform their conceptual customer-focused initiatives into a multi-faceted, practical approach to retaining and maintaining valuable customer relationships through the following best practices:

* Identify points in the business strategy where customer-focus can deliver maximum value.

* Prioritize customer-focused initiatives based on potential for early wins and immediate positive impact on business.

* Set goals based first on leading indicators of customer satisfaction and then on customer retention and profitability.

* Measure performance and communicate results to ensure accountability and support.

You should attend this seminar...

...if you are a senior manager or professional wanting to learn an integrated customer-focus development process.

Learn to:

* Move from a product-focused corporate / departmental / team culture to one that focuses squarely on the customer.

* Set well-supported customer focus goals & prioritize customer focus initiatives to achieve desired objectives.

* Identify & select appropriate strategies for achieving your customer focus objectives, along with performance metrics.

* Lead and build support for customer focus improvement initiatives.

Summer 2003

Marketing Management Seminar Series

Seminar Outline

Customer-focused Strategy Basics
What is strategy?

* Define what is meant by the term “strategy.”

* Describe the purpose of strategy and identify some key success factors.

What is a customer focus?

* Identify and define three focus strategies.

* Describe what is meant by a “customer focus” and identify some key characteristics.

* Assess corporate-level customer focus.

What are the advantages of customer-focused strategy?

* Cite the evidence supporting the value of customer-focused strategy.

* Identify and list exactly how a customer focus can enhance performance.

What are the critical issues in customer-focused strategy?

* Recognize common blocks to customer focus.

Development: Getting Started in Customer Focus

How customer-focused are you now?

* Assess your customer focus by breaking down individual attributes and analyzing performance.

* How customer-focused are your competitors?

* Analyze and evaluate your competitors’ customer focus strategy, strengths, and weaknesses.

How do your customers view your customer focus?

* Describe what is meant by “customer loyalty” and identify key implications.

* Assess your customers’ view of your customer focus.

Priorities and Goals

* Identify what does and what does not need to be done to strengthen your customer focus.

* Create targeted customer focus improvement goals.

Implementation & Evaluation

Customer-Focused Strategy Programs

* Identify the key components in a successful customer focus improvement initiative, including outcomes, key success factors, objectives, perspective, resources, research, customer education, processes, incentives, ROI

The Right Mindset

* Guard against disconnects between customer focus initiatives and customers.


* Describe how to establish clear channels that will communicate everything that is important to the customer to the organization.


* Leadership in a Customer-Focused Culture

* Examine your own relevant skills and develop a plan for how to improve your ability to lead customer focus improvement initiatives.


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Additional Information

$645 includes Certificate of Completion, seminar materials, lunch, and refreshments. See for registration details. Or call the University of Dallas College of Business Center for Professional Development at 972-721-5299.