2nd. Convergent Conference on Internationalisation of Education, Science and Technology (IECyT-MX/IECyT-Las)

Venue: Hotel Emporio

Location: Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico

Event Date/Time: Sep 04, 2003 End Date/Time: Sep 05, 2003
Registration Date: Sep 04, 2003
Early Registration Date: Jun 30, 2003
Abstract Submission Date: Apr 30, 2003
Paper Submission Date: Jul 30, 2003
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"Internationalization of Education, Science and Technology of Mexico and the Americas"

which will take place the
4th and 5th of September 2003, in the port city of Veracruz, Mexico

"Internationalization for Innovation, Innovation for Internationalization"

"It is imperative that higher education offer solutions to existing problems and innovate to avoid problems in the future. Whether in the economic, political, or social realms, higher education is expected to contribute to raising the overall quality of life, world wide. To fulfil its role effectively and maintain excellence, higher education must become far more internationalized; it must integrate an international and intercultural dimension into its teaching, research, and service functions.." 1 UNESCO/IAU.

".. Innovation performance depends on the way in which the different components of the "innovation system" - businesses, universities and other research bodies - interact with one another at the local, national and international levels..."2 OECD

No one can deny that we live in a world more interdependent, interconnected, and integrated. This is in great part due to the development of science and technology, both of which have facilitated the flow and exchange of Knowledge, information, trade, capital, people, etc. through the borders of the global world.

The dynamic of international relations has become complex and intense, creating new forms of interaction between individuals, companies, governments, and institutions. We are all, each day, becoming more international. We have incorporated an international dimension into our personnel and professional lives. To a greater or lesser degree, all human activities are in a process of becoming internationalized.

Education, science and technology, along with business and government, are key elements in the system of innovation, whether national or regional, All countries in order to succesfully compete require developing an international platform . This platform, should allow the free flow of Knowledge (the key strategic resource in the so called Knowledge/Information Society) to provide a more balanced level of development worldwide.

Developing a Free Trade Zone for the Americas (FTAA-ALCA), a major challenge for our nations, requires strategic local measures to take advantage of Integration, without disregard of national priotities.

The Second Convergent Conference IECyT-Mx/IECyT-LA promotes:

. Intellectual exchange to direct the transition towards the Knowledge/Information Society,
. Sharing and learning within an innovative Conference format
. Develop strategies of internationalization for universities, businesses, governments, I&D centers and in general to all people with interest on the central issue and related topics.

We hope to develop a platform to:

. Impulse innovation in the Americas through international cooperation,
. Collaborate among individuals, institutions and organizations to innovate
- Promote the flow of KNowledge/information to improve the quality of life of las Americas citizens
. Identify and activate innovation networks to face advantageously the challenges of globalization in the future.

Who should attend?

Ministries of Education, Science and Technology, Industry and Foreign Relations, Education Administrators, Administrators of Science and Technology, International Organizations, Directors of Programs of Internationalization, Directors of international Relations, all levels of University Administration, academic personnel, university students, companies involved with sustainable development and social responsibility, government authorities, legislators, international associations and agencies, administrators and academic personnel of I&D centers, etc.

The Conference is open to all individuals, institutions and organizations that are concerned with the central theme.

1. IAU (International Association of Universities) Statement . Prepared for the UNESCO World Conference in Higher Education 1998, 2000.

2. OECD (ORGANISATION FOR ECONOMIC CO-OPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT ). (Book) "Managing National Innovation Systems". 1999

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