VII Hemispheric Congress on Money Laundering Prevention

Venue: Riande Continental Hotel

Location: Panama, Panama

Event Date/Time: Apr 17, 2003
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Notwithstanding the progress as a result of prevention measures, money laundering continues to be a problem that affects financial institutions and corporations everywhere, sometimes with devastating consequences. Prevention measures must be regularly reinforced and updated to keep abreast of new schemes, techniques and tools being used to disguise laundering operations as legitimate commercial transactions, investments or international transference of funds.

Furthermore, the events of September 11, 2001, have introduced a new variable in the control of financial operations world – wide. The new legislation enacted by the US Government, seeking to hinder the financing of terrorist organizations and their operations, is one of the consequences that financial institutions must face immediately.

The continuation of this forum for the analysis and discussion of this problem is therefore not only necessary, but a unique opportunity to meet, make personal contact and learn from key people involved in the prevention, investigation and enforcement throughout the hemisphere.

In continuing to fulfill this purpose, the Panama Banking Association, with the cooperation of the Latin American Banking Federation, the Financial Analysis Unit of Panama, and the Inter - American Commission for the Control of Drug Abuse of the Organization of American States, invites bank and corporate executives, compliance officers, auditors, attorneys, law enforcement officials, securities brokers and investment managers, among others, to participate in the VI Hemispheric Congress to be held in Panama City, Panama, on August 20 to 22, 2003.


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Registration Up to June 30/01/03 / After: One participant: US$ 550.00 / $650.00 Two participants: US$ 500.00 / $600.00 / Three participants: US$ 450.00 / $550.00 Four or more: US$ 400.00 / US$500.00 *(From the same institution or corporation)