Basin Deliverability in the WCSB

Venue: Fairmont Palliser Hotel

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Event Date/Time: Jun 26, 2003 End Date/Time: Jun 27, 2003
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Running faster just to stand still? Don't be left behind. Get the latest information on the future of western Canada's gas supply and its impact on your next move.

The WCSB is reaching its maturity, which means higher drilling levels, higher capital expenditures... and flat production. With much of North American demand highly dependent on the reserves of this basin, the natural gas industry is being forced to do more with less and as decline rates increase, so do questions about the future of production and transportation assets, price volatility and more. As the gap between supply and demand grows, so does your need for information to develop strategies and solutions to address the challenges of the maturing basin.

The Canadian Institute has developed the Basin Deliverability in the WCSB conference to explore the key questions arising from depleting conventional gas reserves. How will gas prices react in the midst of a supply constraint and what will be the impact on the energy industry? Will unconventional gas make up for the shortfall in supply? Will pipelines be forced to raise tolls to offset the effects of a supply shortage? From the upstream to the downstream, whether you are making strategic decisions or assessing business opportunities, this is your chance to get the information that matters.

Take advantage of this opportunity to hear from the industry's leaders and experts on the key issues affecting the future of the Western Canadian natural gas business, including:
* How are leading gas exploration and production companies addressing the realities of the declining basin and strategizing to improve shareholder value?
* What is the potential of the basin and what are its characteristics?
* How important is the WCSB in fulfilling North American gas demand and what is the outlook for prices?
* Is the rise in royalty trusts as a financing vehicle affecting basin deliverability and the energy industry's competitive landscape?
* Is the competitiveness of the region's pipeline infrastructure being affected by the depletion of reserves in the WCSB?
* Is Alberta's regulatory environment a factor in the economics of production in the WCSB?
* Is the development of unconventional sources of gas becoming a safer bet given the shortfall in conventional gas supply?

Don't miss this chance to gain strategic insight into the future of the WCSB and ensure that your organization is equipped to optimize its potential in today's challenging gas E&P, transportation and marketing environment.


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