Event Date/Time: Aug 17, 2003 End Date/Time: Aug 23, 2003
Registration Date: Jun 16, 2003
Early Registration Date: Jun 16, 2003
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The aim of The 7th Annual International Ethical Student Conference is to create international awareness of medical ethics among future doctors. It is held at Odder Højskole near Aarhus, Denmark. The conference is open to Ph.D.- and medical students of all nationalities. The participant’s fee is DKK 2100 (€ 278) and this covers lectures, accomodation, all meals, and social programme. The deadline for application and payment is the 16th of June 2003.

The conference is organized by volunteers consisting mainly of medical students from the University of Aarhus. Committee of Ethical Student Conference (CESC) works independently, but is a committee under IMCC (International Medical Cooperation Committee or IFMSA-Denmark) which again is a member of IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students' Associations).

CESC has hosted this conference since 1997. The need for such a conference arises from the great progress which occurs in research and technical abilities that continually opens new possibilities for treatment of patients - possibilities we have to form our opinion on, as future doctors. We are also in a time of rationalization and economic limitations, and basic principles of good and humane treatment can be in danger of being cut back. Furthermore, there is an ongoing need for future doctors to discuss, and if possible define, the ethical aspects of the role of a doctor. We feel it is important that these discussions and considerations are done with an international perspective.

Past experience has proved that the conference attains the goal of creating an international forum for discussion of medical ethics and thereby contributes to the debate among medical students throughout the world. The conference enables participants to add new perspectives to and participate actively in the existing public ethical debate. The conference facilitates the meeting of young people across cultural borders and hereby promotes friendships, exchange of ideas, attitudes and impressions.


Sunday the 17th of August 2003:
Arrival and check-in at the conference facilities. Reception in the afternoon.

Monday the 18th of August 2003:
"Introduction to Medical Ethics" This day is an introduction to the basic concepts in medical ethics, such as autonomy and paternalism. The participants will be taught a number of tools to use in the debates the following days and more generally in their later activities as doctors.

Tuesday the 19th of August 2003:
"Ethical Declarations in Medicine" Here the starting point is the declarations concerning medical ethics that have been made in the last many years. On the basis of for example the Helsinki Declaration, we will study the ethical problems in forced treatment, screening, doctor-patient confidentiality etc.

Wednesday the 20th of August 2003:
"Terminal Care" Euthanasia has been raging in the public debate recently, and the topic is directly relevant to the future doctors. Is there any real difference between passively and actively causing a patients death? Who takes the very final desicion? The idea of hospices will be introduced, and the doctor's attitudes towards the use of alternative treatments such as healings and special diets will be taken up.

Thursday the 21st of August 2003:
"Ethics in Research and Genetics" We will start the day off by examining some of the rules made by scientific ethics committees, regarding which experiments are allowed to be carried out. Placebo, informed consent, and ownership rights to the results are some things that will be discussed. The ethical aspects of cloning, genetic counselling and patenting of genes are other topics apt to set the discussions rolling.

Friday the 22nd of August 2003:
"Minorities in the Health Care System" What do you do, if the person coming into the emergency room does not want to be treated by you, if you are of a certain religion, gender, race or sexual observation? What do you do, if your colleague is the target of the discrimination, and you are called in to help the patient that refused treatment by your colleague? And the other way around - what do you say to people wanting treatments, that are not medically founded, such as circumsicions? These and other problems will be the program for this day.

Saturday the 23rd of August 2003:
Departure from the conference.


Rørthvej 34

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The participant’s fee is DKK 2100 (€ 278) and this covers lectures, accomodation, all meals, and social programme. The deadline for application and payment is the 16th of June 2003.