2003 IDEA Conference: "Between Excess and Austerity"

Venue: University of Technology, Sydney

Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

Event Date/Time: Aug 08, 2003 End Date/Time: Aug 11, 2003
Registration Date: Aug 08, 2003
Early Registration Date: Jul 08, 2003
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What is IDEA?
IDEA (Interior Design/Interior Architecture Educators Association) represents all university degree programs conforming to International Federation of Interior Designers/Architects (IFI) guidelines in Australia and New Zealand. Established in 1996, IDEA formed to encourage and support excellence in Interior Design/Interior Architecture education and research and be the regional authority on, and advocate for Interior Design/Interior Architecture education and research.

The 2003 Conference
In 2003 IDEA will be convening an international conference themed “Between Excess and Austerity”. The Conference will bring together academics, students, practitioners and other industry members who are interested in examining the ideological foundations of interior design and the basis upon which assertions are made about the ethical and political appropriateness of design practice.

The conference will coincide with Sydney Design Week, an annual event sponsored by The Sydney Morning Herald and the Powerhouse Museum. Sydney Design Week involves a broad spectrum of design events running for over a week. By linking the 2003 IDEA Conference and Sydney Design week there is the ability to foster and promote whatever synergies are possible between the two events.

Endorsed by the IFI and the Design Institute of Australia (DIA), the primary purpose for the 2003 IDEA Conference is to promote the development of Interior Design and Interior Architecture with respect to its design quality and intellectual content and thus to promote academic rigor. The conference aims to challenge premeditated thoughts, promote new concepts of thinking and unique ways of approaching the discipline.

The Theme
The Conference will explore the space, between excess and austerity, in which interior design is presently located. But what is “excess”? What is “austerity”? Are we closer to one pole or the other? Where should we be?

The Conference is the formation for a common ground within which ideas can be openly and thoroughly addressed and held. The success of the development of an ethos for design rests on this collective. Between Excess and Austerity then, is the starting point for a collective and necessary revision of the ethos of interior design.

Keynote Speaker
Professor Mark Kingwell will be coming from Toronto to present the keynote address at the conference. Philosopher and critic, Professor Kingwell is the author of seven books including the acclaimed titles "A Civil Tongue: Justice, Dialogue, and the Politics of Pluralism" (Penn State University Press, 1995; awarded the 1996 Spitz Prize for political theory); "In Pursuit of Happiness from Plato to Prozac" (Viking, 1998; Crown, 2000; winner of the 1998 Drummer-General's Award for non-fiction); and the forthcoming "Catch and Release: Trout Fishing and the Meaning of Life" (Viking, 2003). Professor Kingwell has lectured extensively to academic and popular audiences throughout North America and Europe, and speaks frequently on cultural issues for television and radio. His work has been translated into eight languages. He is currently at work on a book examining the relationship between cities and consciousness.

Peripheral Events
The conference event has a number of satellite events. They include:
- An exhibition of interior design and interior architecture student entries in a national exhibition entitled “Ethos”
- A public panel discussion between the IFI, IDEA and professional practitioners , examining “The Gap” between education and practice
- Sydney Design Tour(s), of significant design offices, interior installations and product showrooms in the city area.

Other Related Events
Sydney Design Week involves a broad spectrum of design events running
for over a week, and by linking the related events there is the ability to foster
and promote possible synergies. Sydney design Week includes:
- Young Designer of the Year Awards
- Australian Design Awards
- Master Classes In Design
- The opening of “Great Expectations” – a British Exhibition at The Powerhouse Museum

Target Audience
The conference will bring together those who are interested in examining
the ideological foundations of interior design and the basis upon which
we make assertions about the ethical and political appropriateness of design
practice. It is expected that approximately 200 delegates will attend the
conference. Delegates will include:
- Academics in Design and related disciplines
- Design Practitioners
- Industry Representatives
- Design Graduates
- Current students of design from Australian universities and colleges
- International design community and students

Dates and Locations
The 2003 IDEA Conference will be held on Friday 8th August to Monday 11th August 2003. With the city area abuzz with the activities of Sydney Design Week, the conference will take place primarily at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), which is in the heart of the city district. The conference will take place in close proximity to a multitude of related exhibitions, lectures and other design events.


Faculty of DAB, Building 6, 702 Harris St, Ultimo