Event Date/Time: Nov 10, 2003 End Date/Time: Nov 11, 2003
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This internationally recognized symposium will provide you with a competitive insight into the current state of RNA research and development by bringing together leading researchers focusing on areas such as: RNA intereference,
ribozymes, aptamers, antisense technology, alternative splicing and targets for antibiotic therapies.

Some topics addressed by our distinguished faculty:

• Photoaptamers
• Biostable aptamers
• Alternative mRNA splicing
• Splicing by PNA
• Creating a comprehensive siRNA based library
• Chemically modified siRNA
• Identifying therapeutic targets using Inverse Genomics®
• Strategies for rational ligand discovery
• Microarrays to identify carbohydrate- RNA interactions
• Antisense mechanisms in drug development

Workshop on RNA Delivery - November 11, 2003

RNA has demonstrated great potential as a therapetic tool. However, efficient delivery of RNA to target remains a major challenge. This workshop focuses on efficient delivery of siRNA to retinal cells, Antisense delivery, Lenti Virus Vector mediated expression of RNAi, ssDNA expression systems and delivery of siRNA in Vivo.