material vision

Venue: Material Vision

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Event Date/Time: Oct 30, 2003 End Date/Time: Oct 31, 2003
Early Registration Date: Sep 15, 2003
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Innovations in design and architecture are often connected with the use of new materials. Making things more lightweight, more resistant, more elastic, more transparent, more intelligent or more enviromentally friendly - materials research delivers undreamt-of possibilities for these goals. Many materials that were originally developed for technological purposes have specific visual or haptic characteristics in addition to their functional properties that make them interesting for design applications, as well.
The conference of experts from various disciplines allows for a sound overview of the current state of research. The contexts in which materials decisions in product design and architecture exist and the lastet trends in materials use will be examined, as well. The presentation of examples of use and succesful cooperations will offer the participants of the conference impulses for their own work.
A variety of innovative materials and technologies from the laboratories of companies and research institutes can be seen at the international trade show. It offers a unique opportunity to exhibitors and visitors for an exchange about the possibilities and ideas and for initiating cooperations - the realization of potential synergies has just begun.
At the same time, "material" has become one of the big issues of the future. This not only applies to the technological possibilities offered by the current high-tech materials. Other aspects are, for example, the relationship between the material and the virtual, visions and the potential of bionics or the intelligent use of low-tech materials that are easy on resources and cost-efficient. Design and architecture both play a special role as mediators between technological innovation and real living environments.
Material Vision continues a project that began with the "Materials Experience" conference of the German Design Council in November 2001: the establishment of a joint platform for materials research, the industry and design/architecture with a top-caliber conference and trade show as well as other interdisciplinary activities.


Messe Frankfurt