3rd Annual conference on GENE DELIVERY

Venue: Shelter Pointe Hotel

Location: San Diego, California, United States

Event Date/Time: Nov 11, 2003 End Date/Time: Nov 13, 2003
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Detailed agenda available at website.

Delivering genetic materials to target cells with the utmost efficiency is the key hurdle in using gene therapy for the development of new therapeutics. In recent years, scientist have focused increasingly on using non-viral systems to overcome this challenge.
This 3rd conference on gene delivery systems presents various ways to improve polymeric delivery systems. In addition, other novel approaches such as using bacteria as DNA carriers or using artificial chromosomes will be presented. Various method to faciliate the delivery by using adjuvants or photochemical internalization as well as results of non-viral gene delivery in clinical trials will be explored.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from this international assembly of experts as they highlight the major achievements and challenges on topics such as:

Intracellular targeting
Extracellular targeting
Active nucleic acid delivery
Light directed gene delivery Electroporation
The sleeping beauty transposon system
DNA-lipid complexes
Plasmid DNA vectors
Nuclear localization sequence bioconjugates
Bactofection Engineered
zinc finger transcription factors
DNA nanoparticles

RNA Delivery Workshop - November 11, 2003

RNA has demonstrated great potential as a therapetic tool. However, efficient delivery of RNA to target remains a major challenge. This workshop focuses on efficient delivery of siRNA to retinal cells, Antisense delivery, Lenti Virus Vector mediated expression of RNAi, ssDNA expression systems and delivery of siRNA in Vivo.