Develop and Optimize Co-Promotion and Co-Marketing Alliances to Boost Drug Product Sales

Venue: The Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village

Location: Princeton, New Jersey, United States

Event Date/Time: Dec 08, 2003 End Date/Time: Dec 09, 2003
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Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are more actively seeking partners to commercialize drug products jointly to increase market exposure, escalate product sales, and stabilize market placement. Indeed in 2002, all of the world's top ten selling drugs involved some form of joint marketing. According to Chris Bogan, CEO of Best Practices LLC, "Companies that understand how to build strong alliances will gain a great deal- and by this I mean billions of dollars- through well-managed co-promotions."

Joint marketing - co-promotion and co-marketing - agreements generate greater return by increasing the marketing and sales resources applied to any particular drug. Entering joint marketing relationships requires partners to assign clear roles and responsibilities for the purpose of moving drugs through approval processes efficiently without compromising leadership goals. Creating a successful structure for two or more organizations to build upon is challenging, but if designed effectively, partners often see tangible results in increased sales figures or significant commissions.

The Institute for International Research is proud to bring you our Develop & Optimize Co-Promotion & Co-Marketing Alliances to Boost Drug Product Sales: Joint Marketing Partnerships Conference. This conference is designed to provide pharmaceutical and biotech professionals with the latest insights when seeking marketing partners for the purpose of increasing market exposure and escalating product sales. This conference addresses the current needs and emerging strategic issues in combined drug commercialization and represents the only pharmaceutical joint marketing alliances event specifically designed for those involved in creating, implementing and operating these deals.


Establishing clear roles and responsibilities for partnering companies
Understanding various ways to construct terms and conditions of the joint marketing agreement
Addressing issues in maintaining momentum within a newly formed combined sales team
Developing an effective strategy for targeting and securing assets in your partner for successfully impacting sales
Realizing how to schedule and structure royalty or commission payments and determining profit percentages
Reviewing successful joint marketing agreements and identifying tangible benefits of co-promotion vs. co-marketing arrangements
...and more

On DAY ONE of the conference, extend your joint marketing partnerships education by participating in the pre-conference workshop, Co-Promotion Deals: The Latest Trends, Issues and Success. Ensure that you know how to structure these deals and benefit from the practical guidelines for monitoring performance that are shared.

The afternoon of DAY ONE kicks off with the main conference where our faculty provides solutions to managing the co-promotion partnership after the alliance is formed, structures and strategies of joint marketing agreements, why partnerships are more likely to fail than succeed, and focusing development and marketing efforts on products that promise to provide the greatest return. The companies presenting these solutions and case studies are Eli Lilly & Company, Palmer & Dodge, Chris Offen & Associates, Windhover Information and Reliant Pharmaceuticals.

DAY TWO of the conference features presentations from UCB Pharma, Abgenix, Genta, Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Boehringer Ingelheim, TAP Pharmaceutical and Antigenics. These presentations cover topics including; co-promotion agreements of blockbuster drugs, a guide to co-promotions and co-marketing in Europe and the US, structuring the terms of a co-promotion for a legal perspective, and late-stage co-promotion deal structures.


Meet our faculty during coffee and refreshment breaks as well as interactive luncheons and Q&A sessions. Don't miss this key opportunity to talk one-on-one with our speaking facility and meet with industry colleagues. In addition to these networking opportunities, you receive a copy of the conference documentation, a valuable tool to take back to your office for future reference.