6th Neurochemistry Winter Conference

Venue: Central Hotel Soelden

Location: Soelden, Tyrol, Austria

Event Date/Time: Mar 27, 2004 End Date/Time: Apr 01, 2004
Registration Date: Feb 10, 2004
Abstract Submission Date: Feb 10, 2004
Paper Submission Date: Feb 10, 2005
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After a series of five high-level scientific conferences in Neuroscience in general and in Neurobiochemistry and Cellular Neurobiology the “6th Neurochemistry Winter Conference” (www.sambax.com/nwc2004) will be held again at Central Hotel Sölden in Austria, from March 27 – April 1, 2004. The next conference will focus on neuronal plasticity during development and adulthood as well as experimental models of addiction.

The topics will be covered by keynote lecutres and symposia. However, any contributions from participants in the field of basic and clinical Neuroscience are welcome. Submitted abstracts will be presented as posters.

Programme Organisers:

Michael Frotscher (Germany), Alois Saria (Austria), Stephan Schwarzacher (Germany), Zoltan Sarnyai (USA), Gerald Zernig (Austria)

Keynote Lectures: Konrad Beyreuther (Germany), Nils Brose (Germany), James Fawcett (UK) Heinrich Betz (Germany) Helmut Kettenmann (Germany) Bruce R. Ransom (USA) Menahem Segal (Israel)

Preliminary programme:


1. Formation of Cell and Fiber Layers in the Cerebral Cortex
Magdalena Götz (Germany) Glial Cells Generate Neurons: Regionalization and Neuronal Subtypes
Eckart Förster (Germany) Retzius, Reelin and Radial Glia
Joachim Herz (USA)Control of Neuronal Positioning and Synaptic Plasticity by ApoE Receptors
Harold Cremer (France) Molecular Control of Cell Migration in the Adult Brain
Michael Frotscher (Germany) Laminating the Hippocampus

2. "Psychobiology of monoaminergic function and dysfunction”
A. Heinz (Germany) „Serotonergic dysfunction in non-human primates - association with aggression and alcohol intake”
K.P. Lesch (Germany) "Allelic variation of serotonin receptor1A function in anxiety and related disorders"
A. K. Braun (Germany)„5HT1A-receptors are mediators of experience-induced synaptic plasticity in the developing prefrontal cortex and limbic system”
Stephen G. Brickley (UK) “The role of GABA in functional brain maturation”
Evgeni Ponimaskin (Germany) „Dynamic distribution and clustering of defined serotonin receptors (5-HTR) in different cell types: 2-photon microscopic and molecular imaging studies”
Gaetano DiChiara (Italy) “Neurochemistry of monoaminergic interactions in the cerebral cortex“

3. “Genes, Neuronal Plasticity and Long-term Memory”
Tim Tully (USA) “ Gene Discovery For Memory In Drosophila”.
Daniel Storm (USA) Enhancement of Memory by Genetic Overexpression of Calcium-Stimulated Adenylyl Cyclase; Is there a Price to Pay?
Susan Sara (France) “Region specific activation of immediate early genes after reactivation of
an olfactory memory: a marker for reconsolidation?”
Karl Peter Giese (UK) “The Role of the Cam Kinase Cascade in Hippocampal Long-Term Memory Formation”.
Rusiko Bourtchouladze (USA) cAMP Signaling: From Neuronal Plasticity to Memory.

4. "Neurobiological and clinical perspectives of drug addiction".
Toni Shippenberg (USA) Molecular and behavioural basis for drug addiction
K. Steven La Forge (USA) Opioid receptor and peptide gene polymorphisms: potential implications for addictions
Johan Frank (Sweden) Clinical trial of naltrexone for the treatment of amphetamine dependence
Johan Kakko (Sweden) Buprenorphin-assisted relapse prevention treatment for heroin dependence in Sweden
Fred Nyberg (Sweden) Evidence for the substance P system as a new target for treatment of opioid addiction

5. " Regulation of brain function by steroids".
Chair: Gabriele Rune, Germany
Adriana Maggi, Italy, Cordian Beyer, Germany, Luis Segura, Spain, Gabriele Rune, Germany, Catherine Woolley, USA

6.“Signal Regulation in the Aged Brain”
Mark Mattson (USA) Calcium signaling in the aged CNS
Stephan Roßner (Germany) (Amyloid protein processing in transgenic mice)
Luciano Angelucci (Italy) Corticosteroid role in the aged brain
Regino Perez-Polo (USA) Cholinergic regulation in the CNS – a transgenic approach

7. “Neuroplasticity during Development”
Seth Grant (UK) Molecular neuroplasticity and cognition
Zoltan Molnar (UK) The earliest thalamocortical
Charles French-Constant (UK) Development and neuroplasticity, with special emphasis on human neurological
disorders and neurogenetics.
Zoltan Sarnyai (USA) Cocaine and hippocampal plasticity
8. “Regeneration in the Adult Hippocampus”
Rene Hen (USA) Hippocampal neurogenesis in the adult.
Stephan Schwarzacher (Germany) Activity dependent regulation of extracellular matrix proteins in the hippocampus.
Constanze Seidenbecher (Germany) Entering the Matrix: Functional Analysis of Proteoglycan Knock-out Mice.
Ingo Bechmann (Germany) Title to be announced

9. „Stem Cells in Brain and Spinal Cord Repair“
(chair Eva Sykova, Czech Rep., Speakers to be announced)


Soelden, Oetztal

Additional Information

Sölden is one of the major ski resorts in Austria and ample time for skiing will be provided during the conference. Central Hotel is a top rated hotel with spa facilities and a gourmet restaurant. Registered participants will receive a reduced rate at this hotel. Unlimited low cost accommodation is available in walking distance of the conference hotel. FEES € 280,- ( regular ) € 110,- ( students ) Please note, that we also offer a reduced registration fee for young scientists (students and post docs up to 4 years after the degree).