International Conference: Megacities III - Action models and strategic solutions (Megacities III)

Venue: Convention Center \'Eichholz Castle\'of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Location: D-50389 Wesseling near Cologne, NorthRhine-Westfalia, Germany

Event Date/Time: Nov 24, 2003 End Date/Time: Nov 26, 2003
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For the first time in history, more people will be living in cities than in rural areas by the year 2007. Of the 80 million people that will be swelling the urban population every year, the majority will make for cities in developing countries, particularly in Asia.

What is more, it is on that continent that the number of megacities is increasing by leaps and bounds.

With their population of 5 million and more each, megacities have been attracting more and more attention because of their global potentials and risks as well as because of their ambivalent development trends. Research has long since documented that we do not have to submit meekly to the increasing fragmentation of such megacities into enclaves of prosperity on the one hand and swiftly growing islands of poverty on the other. In recent years, useful analyses and reform strategies have been coming from a wide variety of scientific disciplines, influencing the work of international development agencies to a marked extent.

Following up on two highly successful conferences in 2002, in which the many and varied dimensions of the megacities issue had been highlighted, the organisers decided to hold yet another international meeting. Under the overarching question of how the sustainable development and, consequently, the continued existence of megacities can be guaranteed, the debate will focus on concrete models of action and strategic solutions to four central issues, namely manageability, sustainability, mobility, and urban development.

To round off the event, to which you are hereby most cordially invited, there will be presentations by internationally renowned experts as well as a 'Market of Opportunities' with select offerings.


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Conference Fees: 50.-- Euro(incl. accomodation and meals)