The Universal Package: Designing Packaging for Everyone (UP 2004)

Venue: The James B. Henry Center for Executive Development

Location: Lansing, Michigan, United States

Event Date/Time: Jun 16, 2004 End Date/Time: Jun 17, 2004
Registration Date: Jun 15, 2004
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Pharmaceutical, food and personal care packages are being held to a similar standard by consumers: they must have great utility. Packages that save time, thinking, and work, making life easier, are in demand.
Although improvements that increase utility may add mere “convenience” to the life of an “average” healthy consumer, they can be much more impactful on the lives of the elderly and disabled. We should consider making these people the central concern of designers.
Universal design is the concept of designing beyond the "average" healthy adult. When universal design is employed designs encompass users with a wide range of abilities. Designs done in this way benefit all users and improve the product.
This innovative event includes an interdisciplinary team of renowned speakers that represent a variety of perspectives, including: packaging, universal design, biomechanics and aging, cognition and aging, perception and aging, and consumers trends. They will provide insights into universal design, packaging and the human condition for the industry.
Areas to be covered include:

Universal design
* What is it?
* Where, and how, has it been used?
* Universal design and packaging

Biomechanics and aging
* Physiological changes that occur during the aging process that impact a consumers ability to use products and packages

Cognitive psychology and aging
* Changes that occur in perception and cognition that impact a consumers ability to use products and packages

Consumer trends and market research
* The aging of the population
* Trends in disabilities
* Why does designing at the margins make good business sense?
* Case studies in universal design and its impact on the bottom line

When tensions occur
* Child resistance vs. ease of use
* Security and ease of use