Hygienic Coatings & Surfaces

Venue: Grosvenor Resort

Location: Orlando, Florida 32830 - 2202, United States

Event Date/Time: Jan 26, 2004 End Date/Time: Jan 28, 2004
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The current level and expected growth of world population, extensive travel and `fast food culture' encourages cross-infecion, exposure to unfamiliar contaminants and potential for the development of new diseases. The design, maintenance and treatmentof surfaces of all types are important factors with the potentia to benefit global health.

Restrictions on certain chemical biocides underline the need for careful monitoringand novel process development. Synergism between differing approaches for greater effectiveness and minimal environmenal pollution deserves close attention and the establishment of co-operative ventures.

Surface modification is not a universal panacea nor a substitute for careless hygiene practices. The prime function of a coatings is to provide a resistant durable film which encapsulates or holds active components. the action of these components should not result in significant degradation of the surface. It should also be able to withstand external forces such as radiation, abrasion, chemical cleaners and microbiological settlement. This can beachieved only by multi-disciplinary collaboration.

The total surface area requiring hygienic coatings has the potential to develop into an enormous global market. This second congress will provide an industry forum where delegates can discuss the co-operative ventures necessary to benefit from this growing field.


In the Walt Disney World Resort, P O Box 22202, 1850 Hotel Plaza Boulevard, Lake Buena Vista
United States