1st International Conference on Basic and Clinical ImmunoGenomics (BCI'2004)

Venue: Budapest Congress Centre

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Event Date/Time: Oct 03, 2004 End Date/Time: Oct 07, 2004
Registration Date: May 31, 2004
Early Registration Date: May 31, 2004
Abstract Submission Date: Apr 30, 2004
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Genomics- i.e. genome-based biology provides today an entirely new paradigm for scientific thinking for bioscientists, including immunologists. Understanding how the healthy and sick immune system is regulated and responds to pathogens as well as malignant tissue requires whole-system approaches, because the study of single immunological parameters has, so far, been unable to unlock most questions related to immune-system complexity. Series of single nucleotide polymorhisms and global transcription analysis using microarray technologies, like lymphochips and bioinformatic clustering provide a new approach to the description of complex immunobiological phenomena. Searching databases and making our scientific thinking more “in-silico” is a characteristic feature of immunology today.
Here, we cordially invite immunologists, molecular biologists, geneticists, bioinformatic experts studying genetic/genomic aspects of basic and medical immune response both at DNA (e.g. SNP) or gene- protein expression level to participate at the very 1st International Conference on Basic and Clinical Immunogenomics to be organized between 3-7 October, 2004, in Budapest, Hungary.
We also invite companies providing instrumentations developing robust technologies, like microarray approach, Q- and real-time PCR methods and automatic sequencing, compound libraries, chemical genomics as well as computing for bioinformatics fundamentally contributed to the revolutionary development of genomics. We encourage companies to participate and support the BCI’2004 conference with special lectures within the scientific sessions, product workshops, exhibition, leaflets or by helping scientists with travel grants.

During the 3.5-day meeting between 3-7 October) we plan to have about 5 plenary keynote lectures, 21 symposia and free posters. Moreover, plenary late-break-news sessions and educational courses in bioinformatics and genomics technologies will be organized, as well.

Major topics include: Genomics of antigen receptors and co-receptors, Immuno-Cellomics, Transplantation genomics-MHC gene variety, Functional genomics of antigen presentation and vaccination, Genomics of innate immunity , Signalling, genomics of adapter proteins and transcription factors in immune response, Complement genomics, Onco-immunogenomics, Genetic regulation of apoptosis, Infection and inflammation genomics, Hereditary immunodeficiencies, Autoimmune genomics, Dermatogenomics, Allergy genomics, Genomics of pulmonary diseases, Genomics of reproductive immunology, Genomic approach in glyco-and lipidimmunology, Chemical genomics and metabolomics in immune response, Bioinformatics in immunogenomics.

We strongly believe that this meeting will be successful and will be only the first step on the long-lasting development of immunogenomics both in basic and clinical fields.


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