8 th International Conference on Production Engineering Design and Control (PEDAC 2004)

Venue: Palastine Hotel - Alexandria

Location: ALEXANDRIA, Egypt

Event Date/Time: Dec 27, 2004 End Date/Time: Dec 29, 2004
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Industrial Engineering
Agile manufacturing and lean manufacturing, Operational logistics and scheduling, Total quality management, Maintenance planning and scheduling, Operations research, ergonomics, biomechanics, human factors engineering.
Machine diagnostics, dynamics and Condition Monitoring
Modal Analysis, Vibration analysis and energy consumption, Life prediction, Characterization of materials using dynamic testing, Machinery dynamic acceptance and life testing, Bearing acceptance testing.
Machining Processes
Conventional and non-conventional machining processes, High speed machining, Cutting tools and tooling systems, Free-form machining, Michromachining, Ecological machining, CNC machining.
Materials and Manufacturing
Powder metallurgy, Casting, Welding, Metal forming, High energy rate forming, Super plastic forming, diffusion bonding.
Materials Technology and Properties
Heat treatments and structures, Thermomechanical treatments, Functionally graded,materials, Smart materials, Shape memory alloys, Composites, Ceramics,Austempered ductile iron, New alloys.
Measurement, inspection and Quality Control
Computer-aided measurement and inspection, Uncertainty in measurements,Dimensional and geometrical metrology, Quality tools, techniques and systems,Optical and laser-based measurement and inspection, 3D Metrology.
Solid Mechanics
Fracture mechanics, Structural analysis, Fatigue and crack propagation, failure analysis, creep and stress rupture, creep-fatigue interaction.
Robotics and Control
Robotic systems, Robot dynamics, Mechanisms, Mechatronics, Fuzzy and adaptive control.


Montazah Palac Gardens - Alexandria - EGYPT