Venue: Old Swan Hotel

Location: Harrogate, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Jul 22, 2004 End Date/Time: Jul 26, 2004
Abstract Submission Date: Mar 01, 2004
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TOURISM & LITERATURE is the second conference in a series initiated with TOURISM & PHOTOGRAPHY last July when more than 120 delegates from 21 countries with academic backgrounds in sociology, anthropology, history, geography, arts and tourism studies met in Sheffield, UK. The overall aim of this conference series is a critical approach to the relationship between the touristic construction and experience of the world, and the challenge this represents for the social, spatial, economic, aesthetic and political organisation patterns and symbolic elements of social existence. This raises fundamental anthropological, sociological, political, economic, geographical and cognitive-psychological issues related to the way we communicate and exchange in the contemporary world, and how this has historically developed.

This second academic event emphasises on literature which, through both texts and authors, has long been an inspiration for tourists. Travel and tourist experiences have, in turn, long inspired literature. This inter-relationship between tourist, tourism and literature will be at the heart of this international conference. How does literature construct tourist histories and identities? How do tourists 'read' fictional texts? How does literature produce, prescribe and legitimate spaces for tourists? How are tourist expectations and experiences mediated by literature? What is the significance of imagined worlds, fantastic landscapes and mythic characters for tourism? Why do some authors hold a fascination for tourists? Who are literary pilgrims and what experiences do they have?

The conference seeks to explore and deepen our understanding of tourism and literature relations by bringing together an international audience of academics, curators, writers, professionals and tourism managers to discuss this increasingly important field. The conference will be multi-disciplinary drawing from literary criticism, history, linguistics, sociology, anthropology, cultural and political geography, etc. I am personally interested in developing the discussion on 'perception' and 'cognition' that I feel needs to be further introduced in the field of tourism research and would welcome abstracts from neuro-scientists, philosophers, linguists, aestheticians and psycho-analysts. From a social anthropological perspective, I would like to continue the critical debate on the meaning of tourism as an international phenomena - a hypothetic form of 'sacrality' of the contemporary worlds - which a number of younger researchers refreshed through ethnographic approaches of tourists presented in last July's event. From a political economy and geography perspective, I think our last conference permitted a very fruitful discussion on the 'imagery' of places as a way to create familiarity, to 'know' the world through conventionalised compositions, an argument which bears important conceptual and political implications.

- Sight-seeing - encounters with literately enchanted worlds
- From the Bible to Lonely planet - literature as travel liturgy
- Production of literary spaces and the poetics of literary landscapes
- Recreating the world - travel, cosmogony and myth
- 'Intangible heritages' - narrative traditions, storytelling and oral histories
- Literary pilgrimages and the celebrity of authors
- Representing places, peoples and pasts in fictional texts
- Alternative literatures and tourist experiences
- Diaspora and Localities: Negotiating cultural identities through travel narratives
- The commodification and commercialisation of literature

Please send your abstract of no more than 300 words with full address details as an electronic file to Dr. David Picard ( ) as soon as possible but by March 1st 2004 at the latest.

Conference Convenors: Mike Robinson, David Picard, William Culver-Dodds

Centre for Tourism & Cultural Change
Sheffield Hallam University
Howard Street - Owen Building
Sheffield, SW1 1WB
United Kingdom