International Symposium on Stochastic Models in Reliability, Safety, Security and Logistics (SMRSSL'05)

Venue: Negev Academic College of Engineering (NACE)

Location: Beer Sheva, Israel

Event Date/Time: Feb 15, 2005 End Date/Time: Feb 17, 2005
Registration Date: Jun 16, 2004
Early Registration Date: Jun 16, 2004
Abstract Submission Date: Jun 16, 2004
Paper Submission Date: Sep 01, 2004
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The International Symposium on
15-17 February 2005, Beer Sheva, Israel

The SMRSSL'05, hosted by the Negev Academic College of Engineering NACE, will serve as a forum for discussing different issues of Stochastic Models and Methods in Reliability, Safety, Security and Logistics, with respect to their applications. The idea of this Symposium is to assemble researchers and practitioners from universities, institutions, industries and Government, working in these fields all over the world. Common methods and models used in reliability, safety, security and logistics will be considered from a general point of view. Theoretical, modeling, computational and case study contributions will range from academic considerations to industrial applications. There will be invited talks, plenary sessions, parallel sessions, posters and exhibitions. The symposium will pose an opportunity to Ph.D students to participate and present their works. The talks will be selected by the Scientific Program Committee and will be included in the Symposium Proceedings. Selected papers after review and revision will be published in special issues of ¡§International Journal of Reliability, Quality and Safety Engineering¡¨, ¡§Journal of Air Transportation¡¨, ¡§Transport and Telecommunication¡¨, ¡§Computer Modeling and New Technologies¡¨, ¡§Technological and Economic Development of Economy¡¨ and ¡§Communications in Dependability and Quality Management¡¨.


1. Probabilistic and Statistical Models and Methods of Reliability
„X Stochastic Processes in Reliability
„X Maintenance Methods and Models
„X Lifetime Data Analysis and Accelerated Life Testing
„X Statistical Methods for Repairable Systems
„X Software Reliability
„X Monte Carlo Simulation and Computational Methods
„X Quality Applications
2. Stochastic Models and Methods in Safety and Security
„X Safety and Security Management
„X Threat Identification and Cause and Effect Analysis
„X Crisis Analysis and Management
„X Risk Assessment and Amelioration
„X Transport System Safety and Reliability Modeling
„X Simulation of Crisis and Threat Situations
„X Threat Response Management
„X Economic Impact of Safety and Security Management
„X Financial Risk Analysis
3. Stochastic Models of Logistics, Management and Project Management
„X Job Shop Scheduling and Control
„X Inventory Management, Planning and Control
„X Transportation Planning and Scheduling
„X Decision Support Systems
„X Project Scheduling and Management
„X Planning under Time and Cost Chance Constraints

The Symposium is dedicated to the memory of Prof. K. Kordonsky.

English will be the official language of the Symposium.

Negev Academic College of Engineering (NACE), Israel
Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TTI), Latvia
The K. Kordonsky Charitable Foundation, USA

Negev Academic College of Engineering (NACE), Israel

Zohar Laslo, NACE, Israel - Chairman
Ilia Frenkel, NACE, Israel ¡VCo-Chairman
Igor Kabashkin, TTI, Latvia ¡V Co-Chairman
Inna Kordonsky-Frankel, The K. Kordonsky Charitable Foundation (USA) ¡VCo-Chairman
Jehuda Haddad, NACE, Israel
Michael Hanani, NACE, Israel
Lev Khvatskin, NACE, Israel
Ljubisa Papic, Research Center of Dependability and Quality Management, Serbia
Irina Yatskiv, TTI, Latvia
Edmundas Kazimieras Zavadskas, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania

Ilya Gertsbakh, Ben Gurion University (BGU), Israel ¡V Co-Chairman
Ernst Frankel, MIT, USA ¡V Co-Chairman
Eugene Kopytov, TTI, Latvia ¡V Co-Chairman
Alexander Andronov, TTI, Latvia
Menachem Berg, University of Haifa, Israel
Dimitris Despotis, University of Piraeous, Greece
Dimitri Golenko-Ginzburg, BGU, Israel
Maxim Finkelstein, University of the Free State, RSA
Mark Kaminskiy, University of Maryland, USA
Pedro R. Kanof, USA
Vasiliy Krivtsov, Ford Motor Company, USA
Krzysztof Kolowrocki, Gdynia Maritime University, Poland
Shaul Ladany, BGU, Israel
Nikolaos Limnios, Universite de Technologie de Compiegne, France
Anatoly Lisnianski, Israel Electric Corporation, Israel
Mikhail Nikulin, Universite Victor Segalen, France
Yuri Paramonov, Riga Technical University (RTU), Latvia
Maria Fernanda Ramalhoto, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal
Reuven Rubinstein, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Vladimir V. Rykov, Gubkin Russian Oil & Gas University, Russia
Evgueni Solojentsev, Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering
of Academy of Sciences of Russia, St-Petersburg, Russia
Igor Ushakov, Qualcomm, USA
Min Xie, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Enrico Zio, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Zvika Beniaminy, Reliability Center, RAFAEL, Israel
Zigmund Bluvland, Advanced Logistic Development, Ltd., Israel
David Elmakis, Israel Electric Corporation, Ltd., Israel
Michael Wolf, Standard Institute of Israel, Israel

Igor Ushakov, Qualcomm, USA
Maxim Finkelstein, University of the Free State, RSA
Mikhail Nikulin, Universite Victor Segalen, France
David Elmakis, Israel Electric Corporation, Ltd., Israel

„X June 16, 2004 ¡V Deadline for submission of abstracts
„X July 16, 2004 ¡V Notification of acceptance (abstracts)
„X September 1, 2004 - Deadline for submission of communications (4 pages)
„X October 1, 2004 - Deadline for payment
„X October 2, 2004 ¡V 20% augmentation of fee registration
„X November 1, 2004 - Deadline for submission of the final version of communications (4 pages) and posters
„X February 15-17, 2005 ¡V Presentation of invited papers, communications and posters
P.S. These dated are approximate and might be changed afterwards, but the delays in between will be respected.

Dr. Ilia B. Frenkel
Industrial Engineering and Management Department
Negev Academic College of Engineering (NACE)
Bialik/Bazel Sts., P.O. Box 45, Beer Sheva, 84100, ISRAEL
Telephone: +972-8-6475642
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