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Doing well has always been the priority of business.
So where does doing good fit into the strategy?

Increasingly, consumers, investors, business partners, employees and other stakeholders are choosing to deal with companies that not only deliver the goods and services but have acceptable, even exceptional, corporate values. Research shows that stakeholders prefer to do business with companies that integrate social initiatives and causes ¡V whether health-related, environmental, civic or even political ¡V into their corporate marketing strategy.

It would follow that in order to please consumers and achieve bottom-line success, and to differentiate yourself from your competitors, all you have to do is take up a few good causes and be seen as socially responsible. Straightforward? Not at all.

As a company involved -- or gettin involved --in social/cause marketing, ethical philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, environmental stewardship, community giving or any number of social initiatives, you will face some tough decisions and have to answer some weighty questions, such as:

„X What¡¦s a good social initiative for your industry, niche, organization?
„X How much risk can you take in your choice of causes?
„X Can you leverage social initiatives to ¡§clean up your act¡¨ and improve your public image?
„X How do you develop and maintain strategic alliances, with other businesses, government and non-profits?
„X How do you ensure that your values are integrated across the company and a part of your vision and mission?
„X How do you communicate to your stakeholders that you¡¦re doing good ¡V and that you¡¦re doing well?
„X How do you ensure ¡§triple bottom line¡¨ success?

The Canadian Institute¡¦s Integrating Social Initiatives and Causes into Corporate Marketing Strategy has been created to help you answer these and other questions and optimize your social initiatives.

We have assembled a roster of experts from corporations, non-profit organization and government ¡V as well as leading consultants and researchers ¡V to share with you, through case studies, interactive sessions and discussion, their best practices and lessons learned.

If you want to do good in order to do well,
you can¡¦t afford to miss this unique learning and networking opportunity.

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