How to Make $100k per Year in your Business (FT2004)

Venue: Kaleidoscope - A Spa for the Soul

Location: Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, United States

Event Date/Time: Jul 08, 2004 End Date/Time: Jul 09, 2004
Registration Date: Jun 30, 2004
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"How to make $100,000 a year in your business”
By popular demand, Terri Levine, Master Coach and CEO of Coaching, is once again, opening her office to teach a small group her successful business strategies. She will personally show how she started, developed, and runs her business. She will teach you everything she did (and does), to build one of the most successful coaching business practices known.

This 2 day event will be held on two choices of dates: July 8 & 9 or July 28 & 29, 2004 at Kaleidoscope, A Spa For The Soul, just outside Philadelphia, close to the NJ border as well as Delaware.

So, if you want to start or grow your small business, or if you want more clients, or more profit, or more time off, or never have to waste precious time looking for clients, or you just want to know the secrets behind Terri Levine’s enormous business success, this program is for you. This is the only way you will get all Terri's experience, insights, methods, and success secrets and talk to her about any issue you are facing in your business.

Terri’s coaching business was not the first business she started. She’s owned, managed, and operated successful businesses for 20 years.

Over the last few years, Terri has been consulting with coaches and entrepreneurs around the world on how they can accomplish their goals and dreams. Their first question is always “How do you do it?” Terri has even been asked to set them up in a Franchise arrangement.

If you’re in need of some business savvy, if you want to know how Terri Levine “does it”, but you are too busy to get away for the weekend to attend the workshop, or you can’t afford it, maybe you should ask yourself, "am I too busy mopping up water to fix the leak in the roof?" This weekend workshop with all the extras is all about fixing the leak in the roof.

In addition to the 2 full day workshop, you will receive 12 months support and personal mentoring by Terri Levine. You won't just hear ideas, but you will produce the profit ideas at the field trip and will leave with the strategy, campaign and your expected return on investment and a step by step plan for achieving what you desire.

Then, during the next 12 months, you will continue to follow profit strategies that generate income with little or no money out of pocket and no risk. You'll be able to use these ideas for ever.

We warn you... you will work hard with Terri... you will grow out of your comfort zone and you will produce results.

Here's the bottom line of what you get with enrolment:

· 2 choices of seminar dates
· Pay the lowest price ever offered for this seminar!
· Register with just $697 today and 6 monthly payments of $684
· Or make one payment of just $4,700!
· A complete 100% money back guarantee
· We'll send you the quick start guide so you can get started right away
· A 1 hour bonus tele-conference to get a jump start now* (* first 12

No time to waste:

On enrolment, you will receive several documents to get you started – things to study/read before the field trip.

Want a quick 10 min chat with Terri to decide if this is something for you? Email Donna at to set up your appointment now.


Here is what previous Business Strategy Field Trip attendees have said about this program:

" Thanks to Terri I can see a clear path to the land
of empowerment. With this field trip experience I have
gained purpose and the momentum to clearly
visualize the path to my success and my happiness. I
can see, touch, taste, feel, believe, experience and live my dreams."
Jennifer Fountain, CEO
" I am thrilled with my weekend in PA. The value I
received at the field trip was far greater than I
imagined. I've got plans to amp up my business in SO many ways!
And, if you do love or want to learn to love the
marketing and business end, I would highly recommend
Terri Levine's programs. She's offering the program I
went to again next summer. She's also got a tape set
for getting clients fast which is really good."
Leah Jackman-Wheitner

"Attending the Field Trip, led by Terri Levine,
provided me with the knowledge, resources and
strategies to create immediate results and a process
for phenomenal long term success. As is
always the case at live training with Terri, her
ability to laser in and willingness to
share her wisdom created a wow experience.
I have an increased level of confidence and joy
around building my business. The Field
Trip got me into action mode. I applied a couple
of quick marketing techniques right away.
I am grateful to have a new network of like minded
supportive individuals who are highly motivated, creative and
willing to share."
Terri Barbato
Kaleidoscope, Phoenixville, PA
... experiencing again Terri's incredible generosity
and sincerity was a WOW WOW and the real WOW WOW WOW
was all of you field trippers who have manifested in
answer to my prayer to be in connection with some(one)
who is going the same direction and with whom I can
really bounce things around as well as get inspiration
and encouragement. WOW- thanks for showing up!!
Maggie Burgisser
This weekend has been a double WOW. Thanks soooooo
much Terri and all my fellow friends, teachers and mentors
along the path.
Deb Berry
...the field trip was wonderful.
After being on the field trip, I have such deep
respect for Terri and the whole team. You are awesome!
Mary L. Heidkamp

WOW, was that a WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or What?!
the past two days have been some of the most valuable
in my lifetime. Thank you ALL for giving me this
incredible opportunity, it is a wonderful experience
which I am truly grateful for.
Suzi April
Terri Levine is a GREAT coach and a living legend when it comes to building successful businesses.
Terri’s 2003 Field Trip was – like all the experiences Terri offers –
Content that was rich, relevant, meaningful, and based on her own personal experience of what DOES and does not work.
Wondering what you missed? Simply an extraordinary WOW experience from beginning to end.
Wondering if it’s for you? Yes – so take action and enroll now.
Sandie Pinches, Above & Beyond Coaching

Right now, take the opportunity to take the action and come get what the others got last year... a WOW experience that will have you creating huge incomes while creating a solid business that is fun and effortless and easy to operate, so you can go on vacation and spend more time with family and friends, while income flows in. Everything Terri teaches in this program is doable and workable – it is what she did and does to get where she is today!

Email now if you have questions, let her know and she'll put you on Terri’s calendar for a 10 minute chat so it is all crystal clear for you.


249 Bridge Street
United States

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