Genomics Momentum 2004

Venue: De Doelen congress centre

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Event Date/Time: Feb 23, 2004
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The goal in mind

Gone are the days when the promises of genomics were theoretical and far away.
Today, genomics is real. It offers real solutions to world problems and it poses real
dilemmas. Its vast potential makes it easy to lose focus on what genomics should
be used for.

At Genomics Momentum 2004, we'll work together to answer three key questions:

Are we focusing on the right priorities?
Are we ready to accept the full potential of genomics?
What can and should be done to make sure that all stakeholders are fairly represented?
We'll explore these questions with regard to four key global issues:

| The Aging World | The Hungry World | The Sustainable World | The Moving World |

An event not to be missed

If you're serious about genomics, Genomics Momentum is an event not to be missed.
Genomics Momentum 2004 is all about the potential of genomics. About what's possible
and what's probable. It's about setting the priorities and the direction that will drive the
future of genomics.

At Momentum 2004 you can:

Hear internationally renowned experts
Meet key players and share ideas
Join discussions on important global issues
Help set the agenda for tomorrow
Find your place in that future