Complex Trait Consortium 2004, 3rd Annual Conference

Venue: Bar Harbor

Location: Bar Harbor, United States

Event Date/Time: Feb 26, 2004
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Quantitative genetics and QTL mapping have undergone a revolution in the last decade. Progress in the next decade promises to be even more rapid, and prospects for exploring the complex interplay between gene variants, disease, and the environment will be radically improved. The goal of the Complex Trait Consortium (CTC) conference is to bring together investigators who have common interest in the development and use of the laboratory mouse as a genetic tool for understanding human health and disease. Essentially all human diseases are complex in the sense that incidence, severity, and outcome are determined by interactions among many genes and environmental factors. Cancer, diabetes, heart and lung disease, Alzheimers, and infectious diseases all fall into this category.

Our specific goals are to increase the visibility of complex traits in contemporary biomedical research through:

-Improved awareness and appreciation for the natural variation that exists within species and is responsible for significant phenotypic variation.

-Recognition by the broader community of scientists that the vast majority of human phenotypes have complex multigenic components whose contributions need to be understood to obtain comprehensive understanding of relevant human phenotypes.

-Acceptance that the environment, through complex interactions with genetic variation, is a critical determinant of phenotypic diversity.

-Development of community-wide resources that enable efficient experimental dissection of the causes of phenotypic diversity.

Postdoctoral and graduate students are encouraged to attend.