Event Date/Time: May 25, 2004 End Date/Time: May 26, 2004
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The US is still struggling with how to ensure the security of containers, while not impeding the flow of commerce. IDGA’s first Cargo Security conference will examine what is being done to secure cargo, highlighting programs that have been initiated in the public and private sector to counter the terrorist threat. Our inaugural event will feature speakers from the US Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, the Maritime Administration, and International Standards Organization who can shed light on domestic and international programs working to ensure our safety. Other highlights will include:

• Sandia National Laboratories’ presentation on work done to support Operation Safe Commerce, a federal program serving as a testbed for new security techniques, and the Department of Energy’s Megaports Initiative, aiming to detect hidden shipments of nuclear and other radioactive material.

• An industry panel reflecting cargo security perspectives from ocean carriers, logistics providers and insurers who have dealt with a new environment since 9/11.

• A panel of port security/port authority directors, who will discuss the threat climate they face daily.

• Customs compliance experts who will talk about how the success they’ve experienced as a
result of joining the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism.

In addition to the top flight speaker faculty, Cargo Security will feature various networking
opportunities, including a champagne networking reception after the first day of conference
proceedings. Do not miss this opportunity to ask questions and discuss the conference topics with the speaker faculty in an informal setting.