Internet Imaging VI (II2005)

Venue: San Jose Convention center

Location: San Jose, California, -

Event Date/Time: Jan 16, 2005 End Date/Time: Jan 18, 2005
Registration Date: Jan 16, 2005
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The Internet Imaging conference is an international forum for researchers and practitioners to discuss all aspects of the complex relation between the Internet and Imaging techniques. If it is true that we are moving in a post-Gutemberg era (with all the opportunities and the perils involved), the connection between the pervasiveness of the Internet and the semantic richness of images is certainly one of the major propellers of this change.

The presence of images and graphical information on the Internet dates back at least ten years, but in the last few years there have been a number of significant developments that tightened the connection between the two significantly. A most significant event is the introduction of languages specifically designed to display graphical information on web browsers and to interact with it. Standard languages like Flash, and more recently, SVG, make it possible not only to display web based information in a graphic way but, maybe more importantly, to interact with it. Starting from these early developments, a whole discipline of web image-based interfaces and systems can be envisioned. These developments, in addition to their intrinsic interest, present a wealth of possible interactions with the traditional internet imaging problems of access to a wide and, as yet, largely untapped, repository of imaging information, from image archives to videos.

This conference is intended as a forum for discussing technologies, applications, and challenges of placing imaging information on the Internet and interacting with it. Special attention will be given to papers describing new applications or presenting well argumented vision statements on potentially revolutionary applications for images and video on the Internet, and on how these applications will take advantage of the opportunities and deal with the challenges of the medium.

Papers are solicited in the following areas:

* peer-to-peer imaging systems for the internet
* languages for describing and manipulating multimedia data
* video summarization and segmentation for Internet access
* data modeling and representation
* content-based retrieval of images and video on the Internet
* evaluation of imaging systems
* database techniques for content-based search on the Internet
* principles of experimental evaluation of internet imaging systems
* evaluation of practical Internet imaging systems
* standards for image and video data (SVG, SMIL, MPEG-7, etc.)
* image transmission
* image-based user interfaces
* applications: education, telemedicine, cultural heritage, digital libraries, collaborative systems, etc.
* multimedia presentation on the Internet: media integration, presentation, management, authoring
* web cameras: their impact on video analysis technology, applications
* social and legal issues for images on the Internet, including intellectual property, content rating, watermarking, authentication, non-repudiation, internalization, and varying cultural perception of content
* interactive image creation for the Internet: artistic expression.