Two part teleclass on the first Three Gateways to ENCHANTMENT

Venue: Anywhere - its a Teleclass

Location: Long Branch, New Jersey, United States

Event Date/Time: Jun 14, 2004
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June 14th and June 21st, 2004 at 9:00 PM EST

This will be a two part teleclass on the first Three Gateways to ENCHANTMENT.

We will have two sessions to discover, practice and really come home to:

- Recognizing our Personal Talents and Potential

- Starting to Fall in Love With Ourselves in Positive Ways

- Learning how to Meet Our Needs and Negotiate Successfully

Dr. Holstein's Seven Gateways to ENCHANTMENT is catching on like wildfire!
Everyone can identify with the steps involved in developing a life when put in
perspective of the Seven Gateways. After three very successful teleclasses that
highlighted all Seven Gateways, Dr. Holstein decided to give more time to the
initial three, which are so critical to moving ahead in one's growth. If you
find yourself at times unable to come up with a host of reasons as to why you
should succeed and find joy in your life; if you can hardly remember your
talents and passions; if you aren't sure how to negotiate and plan what you need
to get done to accomplish your dreams; if you aren't sure how to fall in love
with yourself-then this is the two-part teleclass for you!

- Dr. Holstein will help you come home again to your talents and even find your
lost potential!

- Dr. Holstein will help you recognize how important it is for you to succeed
and have delight in your daily life!

- Dr. Holstein will help your faciliate the steps necessary to live out your

- Dr. Holstein will explain why and how to fall in love with yourself so you
keep on growing and moving ahead in ways that make sense to you!

This teleclass will offer some amazing perks. You will be able to privately
e-mail Dr. Holstein at, up to six times during the two weeks
that the course is on. You will receive gifts for attending valued at more than
the price of the course. These gifts include the beautiful ENCHANTED SELF
necklace and a copy on tape of my first book, THE ENCHANTED SELF, A Positive
Therapy. Together these two items are a value of $48.00+$5 shipping and
handling, yet the cost of this teleclass is $39.95+$5. How can you go wrong?

I will be sending your further information. However, registration is already
open. You must call 1-877-B-Joyful to charge for the course or send a check for
$44.95 to Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, 170 Morris Ave., Long Branch, N.J. 07740.
The fee must be received by June 5, 2004 and is not refundable. However, if for
some reason you can't make the course you still get the gifts! How can you

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