Elnips Global Conference on the effects of drug/alcohol usage in teenagers and its behaviourer conse (Elnips Global Confer)

Venue: Calgary immigrant educational society

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Event Date/Time: Aug 25, 2004 End Date/Time: Aug 28, 2004
Registration Date: Aug 24, 2004
Early Registration Date: Jul 30, 2004
Abstract Submission Date: Jul 30, 2004
Paper Submission Date: Jul 30, 2008
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The target of the conference is to provide participants with the opportunity to discuss and develop a balanced perspective on the impact of drug/alcohol usage among youths.


1723 - 40 street SE

Additional Information

Mail or Fax to: Elnips International 6121 Maddock Drive North East Calgary, Alberta Canada. Tel: +1(403) 569-9075,619-8492 Fax: +1(413) 473-4366 Email: elnipsinternational@canada.com Elnips Global Conference _____________Registration Form________ On the effects of drug/alcohol usage in teenagers Venue: Calgary Immigrant Educational Society and it¡¦s behaviourer consequences. 1723 ¡V 40th Street SE Calgary AB. 25th ¡V31st August, 2004 Calgary Alberta Canada Elnips Elnips Elnips Elnips Elnips Elnips Delegate Information (please print legibly) Last Name : ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K..First Name: ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K..Middle Name: ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K... Organization¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K... Mailing Address:¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K City: ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K.. Prov/State: ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡KCountry¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K... Postal/Zip code: ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K.. Preferred Phone: ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K. Fax¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K. Email: ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K Accompany Person 1. ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K. 2. ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K.. 3. ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K.. Registration Fees ( please note that all funds are in US dollars and circle the fee that is applicable) Elnips Elnips Elnips Elnips Elnips Elnips Participants Early Bird Fee US Funds Late Fee US Funds Early Fee CDN Funds Late Fee CDN Funds NGO Participant¡¦s 200.00 250.00 260.00 325.00 Each Delegate¡¦s 250.00 300.00 325.00 390.00 Student¡¦s 100.00 150.00 130.00 195.00 Elnips Elnips Elnips Elnips Elnips Elnips All fee is subject to + 7% GST Note: Students must include supporting letter from institution. Hotel reservation will be booked on request. Registration fee for all participants includes: „h Opening Ceremony „h Welcome Reception „h Breakfast ,Lunch & Dinner „h Classical Concert Elnips Elnips Elnips Elnips Elnips Elnips Payment Options: „h By Certified Cheques ,International Money Order, Bank Draft And Wiring Details On Request: Please make all payments payable to ¡§Elnips International ¡¨. „h By Credit Card Authorization Visa # Master Card # Card Number ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K Expiration Date ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K.. Cardholder Name ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K.. Cardholder Signature ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K.. Note: credit card payment are subject to a 1.76% merchant account transaction charge. Elnips Elnips Elnips Elnips Elnips Elnips By Mail/Courier: Delegates may register by mail by filling out the enclosed Registration Form and returning it with payment to the above address. By fax: Delegates may register by fax by filling out the enclosed Registration Form and fax it to Elnips International at +1 (413) 473 ¡V 4366 .please note this method is only available for payment by credit card. Cancellation Policy Refunds (less a 25% administration fee) will be granted to delegates unable to attend, provided written notice is received by the secretariat one week before the conference. No refund will be made for cancellations received after the said period. All approved refunds will be issued after the Elnips Elnips Elnips Elnips Elnips Elnips Please forward any question to the conference coordinator. Prince Aire: elnipsinternational@canada.com Building a Healthy & Sustainable Society