Event Date/Time: May 28, 2004
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The Construction & Investment forum became a creative environment for business contacts and for the exchange of information and ideas between the major participants in the investment and construction process in Bulgaria. The meetings, held in the past, have proved beyond doubt, that this forum is an important event and a meeting place for Bulgarian and foreign investors, construction entrepreneurs, architects, consultants and real-estate agents as well as financial institutions and official guests, representing the organs of the state.

During the days of Construction & Investment forum, the participants will become acquainted with a number of projects in the sphere of tourism, the development of the infrastructure, industrial and energy production plants, the building of various administrative and housing facilities, which are to be realized in the near future or are in need of additional financing.

The forum is also the meeting place, where entrepreneurs will come to know the programs and various sources of financing for the projects which are to be realized within the spheres, described above.

It is also the place where the true investors in contemporary Bulgarian business meet to exchange their experience, their plans and ideas for various business initiatives.

Very important problems will be discussed at the forthcoming editions of Construction & Investment forum and all of these will be related to the business climate in the country, the dynamics of the investment process, contemporary legislative projects and administrative acts relating to construction and investment activities.

The traditional exhibition of leading designers and architects will offer visual information to the participants in the forum and will illustrate the achievements of modern Bulgarian architecture and the tendencies for its future development.