Large Screen Displays for Home Entertainment Applications

Venue: Hilton San Diego Resort Hotel

Location: San Diego, California, United States

Event Date/Time: Jul 26, 2004 End Date/Time: Jul 28, 2004
Early Registration Date: Jun 18, 2004
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Special attention will be paid to the current status of large screen displays in the lab and in the marketplace, and which technologies will survive in the consumer electronics marketplace. This exclusive event is designed for leading executives, R&D staff, corporate technologists, product managers, end-users, venture capitalists and industry analysts to discuss, debate and learn about the latest technical and business opportunities in this rapidly developing field. All types of large screen displays and supporting technologies will be covered, including LCDs, plasmas, front and rear projection, OLEDs, EL displays, and LCOS.

Industry Overview:

Screen size has been a key stimulant for the flat panel display industry since plasma displays were developed in the 1960’s. With recent reduction in plasma displays prices – enough to be accessible to the consumer – competition has developed between LCD and plasma displays, along with rear and front projection technologies, to capitalize on the growing large screen display market. This increased demand is due in part to the development of home entertainment and home theater, which is being driven by improved digital, high-quality video content and higher bandwidth for digital TV, HDTV, DVD players and other multimedia applications. While more and more display technologies are developing displays in the 80-inch range, forecasters are betting that the 40-42 inch range – which will be widely available by 2006 – will be the battleground for home entertainment applications. But before display manufacturers can take advantage of the growing large screen display marketplace, projected to grow to $13.5 billion by 2009, certain manufacturing and supply challenges must be overcome. This conference will address these important market and technology challenges while providing an open forum for participants to meet and network.

Conference Audience:

Purchasing and Planning Managers

Suppliers and Distributors of display components

Business Development Specialists

Technical Directors

R&D Engineers and Materials Scientists

Advanced Displays & Graphics Specialists

Venture Capitalists & Investment Bankers

Product and Technology Development Directors

Strategic Planning Managers

OEM Display Manufacturers and End-Users

Sales & Marketing Executive

Chemical, Substrate and Equipment Suppliers

Conference Structure:
The conference will feature over 20 speakers who will assess the market, technology and manufacturing aspects of large screen displays through presentations, question and answer sessions and panel discussions. Large Screen Displays for Home Entertainment Applications will also include hosted breaks, luncheons and receptions for its speakers, registrants, exhibitors, and sponsors in a reception and exhibit area. This area will serve as the primary networking center and meeting place during the conference. As a speaker, you will receive complimentary admission for the entire conference, which includes all meals, refreshments, receptions and conference proceedings. Please review the Speakers Benefits form for a full list of benefits and discounts.

Preconference Seminars:

Two preconference seminars will be held prior to the conference on July 26th. The first seminar will be an overview of large screen display technologies, their successes and challenges, while the second will be a discussion of the consumer television experience and considerations for designing successful flat panel displays.

Conference Sessions:

The sessions and panel discussions at Large Screen Displays for Home Entertainment Applications will offer a detailed perspective on key market and technical trends as well as examples of actual case studies and applications in the areas listed below:

1: Market Trends and Opportunities

State of the industry and future market potential

Technology contenders: LCDs, plasma, OLEDs, CRTs, LCOS and front and rear projection

Commercialization roadmap and barriers to entry

Market drivers

Consumer decision factors

Industry infrastructure and supply chain

Component pricing

Chip shortages

Equipment development

Fab production outlook

2: Technical Challenges

Device reliability

Active matrix displays (LTPS, amorphous silicon)

System integration

Resolution and pixel density


Display uniformity

Thin film transistors

Semiconductor materials

Backplane technologies

Glass size

3: Issues by Display Type

Plasma: lifetime, weight, power draw, cost, low-contrast ratio

LCD: substrate size, manufacturing, cost, color/contrast issue, viewing angle

CRT: weight, size, disposal issues

OLED: lifetime, scale-up, yields

Front Projection: DLP versus LCD, lamp lifetime and cost, resolution

Rear Projection: installation, external projector, visibility in ambient light

Electroluminescent displays

LCOS: will it remain a technology for the future

4: Production and Manufacturing

High manufacturing cost

Fab development and financing

Manufacturing methods by display type

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