International Conference on Tumor Progression & Therapeutic Resistance

Venue: Hilton Philadelphia City Ave

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Event Date/Time: Nov 08, 2004 End Date/Time: Nov 09, 2004
Abstract Submission Date: Jul 11, 2004
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International Conference on Tumor Progression and Therapeutic Resistance

Opening Mixer

8:00-10:00 PM Sunday November 7, 2004
Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue
Philadelphia, PA

Scientific Sessions:

Monday November 8, 2004

8:00-8:25 AM Introductory Remarks
Karen Antman, NCI

8:25-9:30 AM Tumor Progression and Metastasis
Chair: Mary Hendrix, Northwestern University

Bruce Zetter, Children’s Hospital of Boston “Beyond Diagnosis: Markers of Tumor Progression and Metastasis”
Mien-Chie Hung, MD Anderson Cancer Center “IKK and CXCR-4 in tumor progression”
Ruth Muschel, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia “New Insights into Pulmonary Metastasis”

9:30-9:45 AM Break

9:45-11:25 AM Host-Neoplasm Interactions and Angiogenesis
Chair: Bob Kerbel, Univ of Toronto

Mary Hendrix, Northwestern Univ. “Plasticity of Aggressive Tumor Cells and the Epigenetic Influence of the Microenvironment”
Meenhard Herlyn, Wistar Institute “Targeting Fibroblasts for Melanocyte Transformation and Melanoma Therapy”
Kornelia Polyak, Dana Farber Cancer Institute “Epithelial-Stromal Cell Interactions in Breast Tumorigenesis”
Bob Kerbel, Univ. of Toronto “Molecular Basis for Anti-angiogenesis Mediated by Metronomic Chemotherapy”

11:25-11:40 AM Break

11:40-1:15 PM Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressor Genes
Chair: Ramon Parsons, Columbia

Tak Mak, Univ. of Toronto “Genetic Analysis of PTEN Function”
Chuck Sherr, St. Jude’s Children Hospital “The ARF Tumor Suppressor”
Carlo Croce, Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson “Role of Micro-RNA Genes in Human Cancer”
Ramon Parsons, Columbia “PTEN and Cancer”

1:15-2:00 PM Working Lunch/ NCI Round-table Discussion on NIH Grants, Reorganization of Oncology Review Groups, Roadmap Update
Syed Quadri, Suresh Mohla, Martin Padarathsingh

2:00-3:00 PM Keynote Address
Bob Horvitz, MIT
“Genetic Control of Apoptosis in C. Elegans”

3:00-4:30 PM Apoptosis and Growth Targets
Chair: Craig Thompson, Univ. of Pennsylvania

John Reed, Burnham Institute “Apoptosis-based Therapy for Cancer”
Craig Thompson, Univ. of Pennsylvania “Overlap between Apoptotic and Growth Pathways”
Phil Hinds, Tufts “Genetic Analysis of the Role of Cyclin D1 in Breast Cancer using Knock-in Mice”
Mark Nelson, Univ. of Arizona “Selenium-induced Growth Inhibition: Implications for Colon Cancer Chemoprevention”

4:30-4:45 PM Break

4:45-6:00 PM Animal Models
Chair: Terry Van Dyke, University of North Carolina

Dave Tuveson, University of Pennsylvania “Mouse Models of Pancreatic Cancer”
Sarki Abdulkadir, University of Alabama “Mouse Models of Prostate Tumor Initiation and Progression”
Terry Van Dyke, University of North Carolina “Exploring the complexities of cancer in genetically engineered mice”
Margie Clapper, Fox Chase Cancer Center “Disruption of beta-catenin TCF signaling as a chemopreventive strategy”

6:00-8:00 PM Dinner and Poster viewing

8:00-9:00 PM DNA Damage and Repair
Chair: Thanos Halazonetis, Wistar Institute

Martin Brown, Stanford “Genome-wide approach in yeast to identify genes affecting response to cancer therapy”
Bin-Bing Zhou, Incyte “Targeting checkpoint kinases for Cancer Drug Discovery”
Thanos Halazonetis, Wistar Institute “Activation of DNA Damage Checkpoint Pathways”

Tuesday November 9, 2004

8:00-9:30 AM Drug Discovery and Development
Chair: Ed Sausville, NCI (Univ. of Maryland after May 15, 2004)

Ed Sausville, NCI (Univ. of Maryland after May 15, 2004) "Strategies to prioritize novel combination cancer treatments"
Andrei Gudkov, Cleveland Clinic “Pharmacological Approaches to Reduce Cancer Treatment Toxicity”
Dihua Yu, MD Anderson Cancer Center “Therapeutic resistance of HER2/ErbB2 overexpressing cancers”
Prem Reddy, Temple University “Novel Mitotic Kinase Inhibitors”

9:30-9:45 AM Break

9:45-11:00 AM Emerging Technologies/Models
Chair: Vivek Rangnekar, University of Kentucky

Mike Clarke, Univ. of Michigan “Self Renewal in Cancer”
Nick Nicolaides, Morphotek “Morphogenics as a Tool for Drug Discovery”
Samir Hanash, Univ. of Michigan “Contributions of Proteomics to Tumor Profiling”

11:00-11:15 AM Break

11:15-1:00 PM From the Lab to Clinical Trials
Chair: Stephen Fesik, Abbott

Steve Eck, Pfizer “The discovery and development of a selective CDK4 inhibitor”
Stephen Fesik, Abbott “Discovery of Bcl-XL Inhibitors”
Eugene Gerner, University of Arizona “Prevention and treatment of Colon Cancer”
Steven Grant, Medical College of Virginia “Simultaneous Interruption of Cell Cycle and Signal Transduction Pathways”
Gillies McKenna, Univ. of Pennsylvania “Inhibiting Ras Signaling in Radiosensitization”

1:00-2:00 PM Lunch

2:00-4:00 PM Joint Session with NCI Network for Translational Research in Optical Imaging
Chair: Bruce Tromberg, UC Irvine

Bruce Tromberg, UC Irvine “Functional Optical Imaging of Breast Cancer”
Irv Bigio, Boston University “Optical Spectroscopy to Manage Tumor Treatment and Monitor Response”
Chris Contag, Stanford “Advancing technologies for in vivo microscopy”
Wafik El-Deiry, Univ. of Pennsylvania “Bioluminescent Imaging Modulation of Tumor Growth and Therapy”


4200 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131
United States

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