Event Date/Time: Jul 23, 2004 End Date/Time: Jul 23, 2004
Registration Date: Jul 22, 2004
Early Registration Date: Jul 01, 2004
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Blogs… social networks… RSS readers… syndication … the tools of social media are creating powerful new business opportunities, but to take advantage, technologists, professionals and investors need to understand this new, fast-emerging technology and the unique language it uses.

There are more than 3 million documented blog sites, up from 100,000 a year ago, and the number is increasing by over 10,000 new blogs a day. Social media – blog’s companion technology —is even bigger. Some say these two joined-at-the-hip technologies threaten to disrupt traditional publishing, even as they promise opportunities not yet fully realized.

Yet, despite this phenomenal growth, no one company has prospered from blogging or social media. BlogOn will show you why this day is imminent. The real question is: Who will be in position to ride this new wave?

BlogOn is the first conference to examine in-depth the business of social media. It is not just for the professional blogger, but for forward-thinking investors, smart marketing executives and media company professionals who understand it is time to understand and harness this gathering disruptive phenomenon. BlogOn is for executives who want to see a sharper Big Picture for social media and to identify their options and opportunities.

Join Chris Shipley, respected executive producer of DEMO and DEMOmobile, in a content-packed, provocative and revealing day-long conference focused on the business of social media. Listen to the insights of the most outspoken and controversial players.Meet leading bloggers and identify the real new business opportunities. Discern for yourself the difference between vision and hallucination among key players.

At BlogOn, you'll hear how traditional businesses are feeling the impact of a new communications channel apparently beyond their control. You'll see the most promising new companies explain and defend their business models, and we'll help you understand the real money plays.

You'll leave BlogOn understanding why blogging and social media technology have already become The Next Big Thing, fundamentally changing the way the world communicates and learns.


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