Sales and Marketing of Medical Devices

Venue: Chicago

Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Event Date/Time: Nov 15, 2004
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Is your company’s compliance program effective and adaptable to today’s ever-changing enforcement environment?
Medical device companies are in the crosshairs of enforcers and plaintiffs’ attorneys across the country. Recent headlines illustrate the culture of scrutiny that the pharmaceutical and medical device industries are subjected to. Significant settlements continue to be negotiated on the matter of alleged inappropriate promotion of products. Moreover, it has been intimated that medical device companies are engaging in the same fraud that has prompted significant settlements in the pharmaceutical industry, prompting the Department of Health and Human Services to declare that it will hasten investigations of alleged fraud and abuse in the medical device industry.

In the face of this commitment to prosecution, and with the specter of the penalties suffered by the pharmaceutical industry, it is clear that every medical device counsel, sales and marketing director, and compliance officer must have a complete understanding of the legal risks inherent in the sales and marketing of medical devices. You must have a sophisticated knowledge of reimbursement policies and know how to implement and maintain effective compliance guidelines. You must also monitor ongoing enforcement activity in the industry. And, you must do all these things while supporting the achievements of aggressive sales targets.

American Conference Institute's Second Annual Advanced Forum on Reducing Legal Risks in the Sales and Marketing of Medical Devices will provide you with front line insight from government policy makers, enforcers, industry personnel, and experienced medical device counsel on strategies for reducing risks and effective compliance techniques.

In-house counsel from various medical device companies, including those who authored the AdvaMed Code of Ethics, will share their experiences over the past year in creating and maintaining effective compliance strategies. Expert outside attorneys will offer practical tips on the hottest issues of today…and tomorrow. And, the government enforcers will provide the critical insight that will tell you what’s on the radar and what type of activity attracts government attention. Get in-depth analysis on issues including:

The latest FDA guidance — how to effectively market your products directly to consumers
A master plan for understanding, implementing and maintaining universal corporate compliance guidelines
Critical insight on managing coding and other reimbursement issues
Increasing enforcement activity in the antitrust arena
What do the new Medicare laws mean for promoting medical devices?
How recent government activities are impacting private medical device suits
Maintaining compliance efforts amongst sales personnel