2nd Annual Nucleic Acid World Summit

Venue: Hyatt Harborside Hotel

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Event Date/Time: Oct 04, 2004 End Date/Time: Oct 06, 2004
Early Registration Date: Aug 27, 2004
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The progress in the RNAi industry in the past twelve months has been breathtaking. In the research tools and functional genomics space, we witness a swift launching of siRNA/RNAi-related products, a series of collaboration deals between companies, and several mergers and acquisitions that strengthen the marriage between the emerging technology and the big capitals. In the therapeutics space, start-up companies based on cutting-edge academic research continue to bloom. Big pharma companies are embracing the potential of siRNA therapeutics is unprecedented as indicated by the broad-range deal between Alnylam and Merck. The once fierce sibling competition between antisense and siRNA has turned more collaborative. Genta's acquisition of Salus Therapeutics signals that antisense companies start to look at siRNA as another opportunity rather than a competitive foe.

The intellectual property landscape is expected to be a complicated, formidable, and a big hurdle in the field however, it seems to evolve on a friendlier track. Alnylam, the company with a stellar RNAi patent portfolio, has launched an out-licensing program. In international arena, CSIRO and Benitec both of Australia solved their patent dispute to mutual satisfaction. While the trend is encouraging, IP will remain an intricate issue.

What is next in the Nucleic Acid industry? With the fierce competitions, are there still opportunities to launch into the RNAi-related tool market? Will the market continue to grow as fast as it has been? How will therapeutics companies fare when the pressure of producing a drug on market increases? Come to SRI's Inaugural Nucleic Acid World Summit (NAWS 2004) to learn more about the deal making, market trend and business prospects in RNAi and related industries, as well as the latest technology development. Prepare for the opportunity!