Event Date/Time: Oct 25, 2004
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The emergence and adoption of broadband wireless access standards, such as 802.16, 802.16a and 802.11a/g, offers exciting new possibilities for high-bandwidth data communication over the "last mile." A significant use of such high bandwidth may lie in the use of a variety of multimodal sensors for monitoring and control of diverse geographic areas. Such sensors may be used for remote video/audio surveillance and active monitoring of telemetry data in city blocks, highways, airports, hotels, campuses and a variety of other indoor and outdoor environments.

This workshop is intended for the presentation and discussion of novel architectures, algorithms and applications of sensor networks based on the use of wireless broadband channels. Areas of interest include problems related to energy efficiency, dynamic control and reliability of such sensor network deployments, especially under the expected resource constraints on the sensor devices. Of particular interest are visions, practical case studies, demonstrations or pilots of innovative techniques for building sensor networks using either broadband local or metropolitan wireless networks.

BaseNets'04 is held in conjunction with BroadNets 2004, taking place in San Jose, CA, October 25-29, 2004.