Event Date/Time: Oct 29, 2004
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The emergence of data-intensive grid applications will engender movement and replication of very large data sets (up to petabytes of data) among geographically distributed sites. To the overall performance of grid applications, the data access-time is as much of a critical component as the computational speed.

The high-bandwidth demand created by very large data sets prompts for the deployment of network infrastructures with efficient data transport capabilities. At the same time, the application-level control of network resources, end-to-end, results in intelligent, dynamic service provisioning and access platforms. The new challenges posed by grid applications lead to new research directions in network infrastructures, services, and data transport.

The significant push generated by grid applications has already led to the deployment of small-scale nationwide optical networks (For example, Terragrid) connecting few remote experimental sites. The various new challenges posed by the grid application requirements have also initiated new research directions in network infrastructures, services and data transport.

The GridNets 2004 workshop will focus on research issues and challenges as well as lessons learned from experience. Topics of interest include and are not limited to:

New concepts and requirements to shape the design of eScience and Research networks
Network cost, performance, and incentive issues
Traffic characteristics and performance analysis
Experience on production-level optical network infrastructures
Middleware design and grid layer integration issues for accessing and managing network resources
Routing and scheduling for dynamic bandwidth control
Monitoring, provisioning, brokering of network resources
New multi-service frameworks and models
End-to-end application level control of network resource
Novel data transport protocols aimed at new application services
Data replication and multicasting strategies and protocols
Fault-tolerance, protection, security, and scalability issues related to connecting large number of sites