Event Date/Time: Aug 26, 2004
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Information assurance, security and privacy have moved from narrow topics of interest to information system designers to become critical issues of fundamental importance to society. As part of this shift, the scope of associated problems, applications, and technical issues is broadening, opening up new requirements and approaches. Challenges arise as information systems evolve toward dynamic, open and heterogeneous distributed systems, as seen in pervasive computing environments. A "grand challenge" is to create environments in which pervasive computing technology allows people, agents, services and devices to seamlessly interact while preserving appropriate security and privacy policies. To realize this grand challenge, the research community must vigorously explore new ideas from a variety of domains, which include but are not limited to:

Impact of pervasive technologies on privacy (RFID, Bluetooth, cellular networks, WiFi)
Techniques for authentication and authorization
Case studies, prototypes and experiences
Metrics for trust, privacy and security
Specifications for security and privacy
Trust establishment and trust negotiation
Protocols for security, privacy and trust management
Role of policies in pervasive computing
Effect of context-awareness in privacy, security and trust
Challenges in wearable computing
Adaptation and machine learning
Role of biometrics