WiNMee 2005

Venue: Trento

Location: Trento, Italy

Event Date/Time: Apr 03, 2005
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The area of wireless networking has attracted a lot of interest in the recent past. Nonetheless, evaluation of the performance of wireless networks and the solutions that are designed to address the identified issues is usually based on simulations. Only recently did researchers turn their attention to actual testbeds for similar tasks. Actual wireless testbeds are likely to prove very challenging environments to work with due to the unique properties of the wireless medium (in contrast to the well explored area of wired measurements and experimentation). The wireless medium is bound to behave differently depending on the location of the testbed and reproducibility of results is no longer a given. Lastly, solutions that have been previously proposed in the literature may be infeasible in an operational environment if they require changes in the network devices. As a result, effort has also been put into designing wireless hardware where researchers can gain access to functionality that is not typically exposed at the network driver level.

In this workshop we would like to solicit short, 6 pages, papers that report on experiences obtained from operational wireless experiments in testbeds or the field. Topics include:

operational experience on the performance of wireless networks
challenges with wireless measurements
experimental (in)validation of usually made assumptions in a wireless environment
metrics that would be required in a wireless network for performance evaluation or wireless network troubleshooting
experience from building/designing wireless networks
description of tools for building and/or managing wireless testbeds (e.g. wireless link emulation)
techniques for scaling the testbed
techniques for improving the repeatability of tests
techniques for validating the results obtained in the wireless testbed
methods for simplifying experiment setup and reconfiguration
mobility pattern implementation