Webcast: We Media - The Impact of Participatory Media on Election 2004

Venue: Online

Location: Online, Online, United States

Event Date/Time: Oct 05, 2004 End Date/Time: Oct 05, 2004
Registration Date: Oct 05, 2004
Early Registration Date: Sep 27, 2004
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The nature and role of media is in the midst of transformation (see We Media). No longer are a handful of mainstream news outlets the only voices in a one-way information flow that ends with the audience.
The Internet, proliferation of powerful new communication technologies and bold innovations in older technologies are allowing users and audiences - including voters - to react to current events, to report and distribute new information and to share and debate their opinions as never before.
Political parties, advocacy groups and others are also empowered to get their message out - to motivate action, debate, fund raising and voting.
Through blogs, interactive Web sites and other emerging social networks, the audience has in fact joined the opinion-making media. This is the world of We Media - a participatory, diverse environment of opinions, ideas, journalism and activism that may change the nature of electoral politics.
Will it?
Jason McCabe Calacanis, founder of the Weblogs, Inc. Network, hosts a high-level panel of media thinkers and leaders in this exploration of the intersection of media, technology and society.
The panel will discuss:
- How have user attitudes and behaviors combined with technology to create new avenues for sharing information, and to what end?
- Who exactly is participating? How are traditional audiences responding?
- Has the political dialog been transformed, and if so, how?
- Are voters any better informed than in previous elections? Do they feel more empowered?
- Will there be an impact on the outcome of the elections?
Media Center events are always interactive. In this webcast, audience members will take part in audience polls and surveys concurrent to the panel discussions. They will be free to post thoughts and ideas to the online event space in response to the dialog, and be invited to participate in a Q&A segment.


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