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The glowing success of UAVs in Iraq and Afghanistan have further validated increased funding for current and future unmanned platforms. DoD plans to spend over $10 billion on UAVs by 2010, including $4 billion for UCAVs. With missions ranging from surveillance to air strike, the UCAV and UAV potential spans virtually every net-centric mission area and capability for the DoD. As the missions will inevitably increase, so will the demand for new weaponized platforms. Predator and Global Hawk have already made an impact on the battlefield, but what lies ahead for the new crop of next-generation combat UAVs? What will be the expanded role of UCAVs and UCARs? How will UAVs interact with UCAV, UCAR and manned missions? Who are the new decision makers within OSD and the Services? What are their budget plans and future initiatives?

This outstanding conference examines the entire gamut of issues associated with UCAVs, Armed UAVs, and UCAR. What missions can UCAVs realistically perform? What is the status of the UAV roadmap? What are the plans for the J-UCAS program office? What are the Service needs and initiatives in arming UAVs? X-45, X-47, Predator, and a plethora of other programs are underway – but what are their status and prospects? What are the prospects for fielding a carrier-based UCAV fleet? What roles will UAVs and UCAR play in achieving persistent area dominance? What are the capability gaps and mission challenges facing UCAVs? These and many other questions will be addressed during this outstanding event.


900 S. Orme Street
United States

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