Event Date/Time: Nov 18, 2004 End Date/Time: Nov 19, 2004
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Technological advances, immigration, globalization and a ubiquitous media culture define the landscape of the new millennium. How should schools respond? What should schools, classrooms, curriculum and instruction look like in the 21st century?

Education in the new millennium brings many challenges . . . lack of student motivation, standardized testing mania, increased diversity, a global society and more.

However, the 21st century also presents exciting opportunities for educators and students. Designing the 21st Century Classroom has been designed to help you create a classroom experience which will meet the needs of the 21st century student.

Discover how you can bring your classroom into the 21st century, meet the needs of your diverse student population, and help your students excel on standardized tests while retaining an authentic and meaningful curriculum.

Be ready on the first day of school. Design and deliver 21st century curriculum and instructional strategies in your classroom after attending this two-day workshop.


MOTIVATION - Students today live, learn and play in a media-saturated society, in a world of “infotainment” and spectacle. For many students the curriculum is not relevant, and they become disengaged from learning.

MEDIA LITERACIES - Rapid developments in technology have brought many exciting changes to life in the new millennium, presenting new challenges for schools. Multiple new literacies are required to navigate the “forest of signs and symbols” of our globalized media culture. (Douglas Kellner, UCLA)

DIVERSITY - Globalization and immigration have created a society of increased diversity. Old and new social issues demand an informed, concerned and empowered citizenry.

STANDARDIZED TESTING MANIA has made meaningful curriculum an endangered species. Find out why it's not an "either-or" situation - you can still teach the way you know you should and your kids will excel on their standardized tests! Read the research!

TECHNOLOGIES AND MULTIMEDIA - utilize these 21st century tools as the vehicles to implement your curriculum!

(Note: this is not a workshop that centers on educational technologies, but centers on curriculum design which incorporates, or utilizes as a vehicle, these technologies in order to achieve curriculum and instruction aligned to the realities of the 21st century.)

In this workshop we will address these issues, and more, as you . .


Participate in a variety of groups while learning classroom strategies experientially

Gain new perspectives as you collaborate with other educators

Design authentic assessments for individual, small group and whole group learning

Develop a unit designed for your classroom reflecting the goals, needs and interests of your students, campus and community

Analyze and apply current educational research and best practices in education as you design your 21st century classroom

Incorporate new technologies and multimedia into your curriculum design


Curriculum Design— interdisciplinary, thematic, project-based, research-oriented unit design

Authentic Assessment Design - design and use of rubrics, portfolios and performance-based assessments

Standards - aligning to and exceeding State and National standards

Technologies and Multimedia - utilize these 21st century tools as vehicles to implement your curriculum.

Multiple Literacies needed for living and learning in the 21st century

Classroom Strategies to develop Self-Directed, Independent and Interdependent Student Learning

Global Classroom - use the Internet to create collaborative projects and conduct authentic research, nationally and internationally.

Student Motivation — utilize these strategies to ensure that your students are engaged with the curriculum.

Classroom Organization and Management - structures to support the 21st century classroom.

Addressing Diversity and Social Issues— the “Isms” - Racism, Classism, Sexism, anti-Semitism and religious oppression, Linguicism, Ableism, Ageism

Media Literacies— introduction to use of multiple forms of media to motivate students, implement the curriculum and for assessment as students learn Media Analysis, Media Critique and Media Production skills!


21st century project-based unit that you have designed for your classroom

Certificate for Professional Staff Development

Designing the 21st Century Classroom, a toolkit, containing all this and more:

Yearly Curriculum Planning Guide

Sample Units—various themes and grade levels

Themes Bank - jump-start your curriculum planning with this bank of possible themes

Classroom Strategies - from physical room arrangements to student grouping and activities

Guide to the Global Classroom

Unit and Lesson Design Tools

Media Literacy - Ideas & Resources

Authentic Assessment Tools

Recommended Resources

Multiple Intelligences Inventories & Lesson Ideas

Current research & best practices in education


We take pride in our goal to meet the needs of the “whole teacher”. We believe that professional staff development should be not only a time of learning, but of renewal. Efforts are made to hold workshops at locations offering opportunities to visit historical sites, explore exciting cities, visit theme parks with the family, relax in the quiet beauty of a wilderness retreat or enjoy the grandeur of a gothic mansion; we seek out the most unique and luxurious venues. Our workshops are much more than a rushed event at a generic hotel —they are an experience!


Additional Information

Visit our web site to discover fun things to see and do while you're in town - with our personal recommendations! Registration includes snacks and meals for both days! Continental Breakfast Mid-Morning Snack Break Lunch Mid-Afternoon Snack Break REGISTRATION INFORMATION Please complete the registration form online, or fax or mail it to 21st Century Schools at the address below. You may also register online. Payment in full is due two week prior to the workshop. Be sure to visit our web site to find information on the hotel where the workshop is being held and to obtain schedule details. www.21stCenturySchools.com/Register.html Check our 2003-2004 Workshop Schedule at www.21stCenturySchools.com/Workshop_Schedule.html