Event Date/Time: Sep 08, 2004
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Competence in strategy is the sine qua non of the manager. Yet even among well-schooled and experienced managers, strategy failure rates remain uncomfortably high. There is little room for error in "getting it right" strategically in today's fast-moving marketplace with increasingly sophisticated competition and the performance of decision makers under scrutiny as never before. Get strategy wrong and second chances will be hard to find. And although strategy is critical to business success, the current model of strategic process taught to and expected of the average manager is largely incomplete.

Strategic thinking offers managers and their companies the opportunity to move beyond the traditional application of strategic frameworks to identify and achieve breakthrough strategies. The real power of thinking strategically lies in its potential as a source of competitive advantage equally applicable to creating superior value for customers, erecting barriers to competitors, or enabling more rapid adaptability to change.

This two day seminar is designed to reduce the risks of strategy failure. Participants learn how the raw materials of strategic thinking (creative and critical thinking, decision making and problem solving) can be transformed into a practical system for enhancing the strategic promise and performance. Participants will also be introduced to visualization techniques that can help them communicate strategy in a concise, articulate, and compelling manner to significantly increase its likelihood of success. Understanding and applying the principles and techniques presented in this seminar can help managers and their companies rise to the challenges - and opportunities - of today's turbulent marketplace.

Learn to:

* Think creatively about strategy to move beyond the rote application of traditional strategic frameworks to identify and achieve breakthrough strategies
* Transform the raw materials of strategic thinking (creativity, critical thinking, decision making) into a practical system for enhancing your strategic promise and performance
* Communicate strategy in a concise, articulate and compelling manner to increase its likelihood of success

You should attend this seminar...
...if you are responsible for strategic decision-making.


Seminar Outline

Day 1: 8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Thinking Styles and Tools

* Recognize how increased self-awareness can lead to better thinking
* Determine your thinking style using the Thinking Styles Inventory
* Identify strengths & weaknesses of thinking styles in strategy formulation and implementation
* Understand how to leverage collective thinking styles to improve strategic team performance

Practical Creativity

* Recognize when strategic challenges are not amenable to standard answers and thus require unique approaches
* Generate wide-ranging possibilities to come up with new solutions and approaches to current and potential challenges and opportunities
* Identify and apply effective creativity techniques for various strategic needs

Managing Complexity

* Describe attributes of a complex system
* Explain systems thinking and how it relates to strategy making
* List tools for managing complexity
* Apply cause-and-effect diagramming to strategic challenges

Strategic Decision Making

* Identify and decision making principles and techniques to ensure decision processes produce the best strategy possible
* Understand quality issues related to strategic decisions and the decision process, and how to apply them to improve decision making
* Effectively select the best option from a limited number of possible strategies

Day 2: 8:30 A.M.- 5:00 P.M.

Profiling Strategy

* Design and conduct a comprehensive, integrated strategic analysis to identify trends, recognize vulnerabilities and take advantage of opportunities
* Identify and select break-through strategies to build and maintain a strong competitive position
* Follow a systematic process for creating visual displays of strategy

Positioning Strategy

* Identify the five competitive forces that shape every industry & market
* Use Five Forces Analysis to assess competitive forces in your industry
* Use the Five Forces Analysis to identify effective strategies to raise your profitability, power, and competitive position in an industry

Summary & Wrap-Up

* Define what it means to think strategically
* Identify and apply the elements of strategic thinking to understand the range of issues and variables that impact business success and to make better strategic decisions
* Demonstrate the key competencies of strategic thinking
* Accurately differentiate the role of strategic thinking from that of strategic planning


Additional Information

Available for In-House Training Seminar Leader Dale D. Fodness, Ph.D. is Associate Professor and Academic Director of Marketing in the Graduate School of Management at the University of Dallas College of Business. He is also President and Founder of Business Decision Resources, which helps managers, entrepreneurs and small business owners better understand, predict and influence the behavior of their customers, with the goals of improving decision making and ensuring business success. Dale consults with clients in communications/telecommunications, computers/electronics, consumer good, health care, travel / tourism / hospitality, and ebusiness. Current and recent clients include Microsoft, Ericsson and Cisco Systems. He conducts seminars and corporate training around the world and most recently in Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and South Korea. Do you have questions on the content or coverage of these seminars? Feel free to contact Dale, your seminar leader, to learn more. His direct line is (972) 721-5352 or email him at dfodness@gsm.udallas.edu.